Planning your Marijuana Grow Room

A proper grow room plan is needed if you choose to grow marijuana indoors to give less chance for failure. Cultivating cannabis indoors is more complex than cultivating weed outdoors where most of the growth factors necessary for the plants to thrive are freely given by nature. Anything from a grow box to a medium-spaced room garden, building an indoor grow room is probably one of the most strenuous parts of any pot growing activity. In the search for the most important aspects of how to grow weed indoors, several things are to be considered when selecting and preparing a grow space inside:

Size of the Grow Room

Depending on the kind of marijuana strain you plan to cultivate indoors, choose a growing area where space is enough to accommodate the height of the plants and the number of plants you would be growing. This is to avoid overcrowding which can hamper the proper growth of the cannabis plants.


In cultivating pot indoors, find a suitable location wherein your cannabis plants are not easily spotted by nearby authorities, neighbors, and passersby.

Level of Humidity

To cultivate pot in an indoor garden, maintain just the right level of humidity inside which is about 40 % and not exceeding 60%. If needed, consider using a dehumidifier or humidifier and never allow the room to be too dry or too moist to discourage molds and other harmful microorganisms to thrive in.


Hot and stale air can give a good room for molds and insects to thrive in. Working first on proper ventilation is one of the aspects you need to invest on if you want success on how to grow cannabis in an indoor garden. Open the door and windows at least once or twice a day to prevent stagnated air and to move in the fresh and cool air. If you don’t want to open the windows or door more often for safety and privacy reasons, then a ventilating and circulating fans are necessary. However, a small opening in the room may be necessary for the fan to take in some fresh air coming from the outside.

Artificial Light Sources

In cultivating marijuana indoors, make sure that the use of an artificial light is maximized through the aid of mylar reflective sheets, so there is no light wasted. Seal light leaks using a duct tape and cardboard.

Odor control

Marijuana strains can exude mild to pungent smell especially during flowering time. There are several ways how to take control of the odor in the grow room, depending on the type of pot strain you are growing. Mild odor can easily be eliminated with the use of scented candles, strong perfumes, and air fresheners but if the buds are giving out strong marijuana smell, carbon filters are necessary.

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors - Grow Room

Growing weed indoors may not be as easy as cultivating pot outdoors but if done right, this can be a rewarding task for growers who desire for an excellent yield of very potent and high-quality buds. As you decide to grow cannabis indoors, careful planning and setting up of the grow space are necessary to avoid failure.