What are The Possible Rolling Paper Substitutes?

rolling paper substitute

It is essential to stock up rolling papers but, there will come a time that your stash is already used up, and you are left with nada! If you are a weed user, you must be prepared for this kind of situation. Do not worry; this article will help you find the best rolling paper substitute if you run out.

If you are not resourceful, here are substitutes that will suit you. But one thing you need to remember is never to use tin foil. Never smoke anything from tin because there are toxic chemicals that can go into your body using this. Substituting your rolling paper with the list below will help you in mediocre situations. You do not need to go out and buy because these substitutes can be found in most of your household items.

Alternative Ways For Rolling Paper


If things can go desperate, use a leaf. It is frustrating not to have your piper around or anything that can help you smoke. Do not worry, a plant in your garden can help you. Just make sure that you choose a safe plant to smoke and will not trigger any allergic reactions if you have any. Roll it into a coke shape, put some cannabis buds and pipe it up!


If you are a Christian, please skip this method. But, if you are okay with using the Bible, then go for it. Bible paper is thin and works well as a rolling paper substitute. Do not use school nook, magazines, and receipts because it will not stick well. Also, if you are not comfortable using this one, do not worry because there are still some alternatives.

Fruit Pipe

You have apples, but you do not have any rolling papers. Do not worry because this piece of fruit will help you will your dilemma. Any fruit will do; you will need to drill a hole through the fruit. People use a hollowed-out pen. Just unscrew our pen and take the ink tube out and use this to poke holes in your fruit. After your smoke, you can eat your fruit or forget about it.

Blotting Sheets

If you are a girly kind of person, you will indeed have this. The material is the same as rolling paper can deliver you fast results.  There are many blotting sheets in the market that you can use but do not use blotting paper only for smoking weed because this is also important in controlling oil in your face.

Empty Cigarette

Many do not like to use this method, but we won’t judge if you are desperate enough and want to smoke. If you a friend who uses cigarettes to smoke, you can empty one take the filter out, and use cardboard instead. You will surely enjoy your weed experience with this one.

Hot Knives

Being a teenager has many perks. Using hot knives will give you a powerful effect. You will need butter knives and a stove to start. Roll the cannabis buds into a tiny ball that can fit perfectly on the knife. Heat the knives but make sure that the handle remains cool. Once you see the smoke appearing, be prepare to inhale it. It is ideal if you are using tiny and small pieces of weed.

Bucket Bong

Get a bucket, water, and an empty soda bottle. Cut the bottom of the bottle and submerge the bottom half in the bucket filled with water. Put the buds in a cone piece and smoke it out! It is one of the most straightforward methods for roller paper substitutes.

Corn Husk

The Native culture has been sing corn husk to smoke tobacco. And what is the perfect way to smoke weed is this method. If you successfully pull off this method, you will smoke joint well. It can be hard at first, but it will be an easy-peasy thing for you once you get to it. Also, corn husks can burn slow, so pay attention to the fiber structure of your weed.

Toilet Paper’s Cardboard

Do you see the cardboard inside your toilet paper? Could you not throw them out? You might need it one day as a roller substitute. They are commonly called as a steamroller and only requires few materials to create.

Soda Can

If you have leftover soda cans, do not throw them yet. Rinse the cans and dent the area where you can out the smoke and poke small holes to the dent can let the smoke pas in the can. Once the can is ready, put your cannabis and light it. Remember that this method can hit hard, so be careful.

Spoon Pipes

One favorite of weed smokers is using spoon pipes. It is used by many, even if you are a beginner or skilled already. You can hold the spoon easily, and its traditional design includes a bowl, carb, and mouthpiece.

Rose Blunts

The coolest substitute for rolling paper is rose blunts. Although they can be complicated, practice is what you need. Rose petals can be eaten, so using this to smoke is very safe. You will need three petals and an oven. It is quick, and you will surely enjoy both the aroma of rose and cannabis.

The Takeaway

There is a vast range of rolling paper substitutes, so it is vital to choose the best one for you above the list. You want to have a unique and excellent smoking experience as much as possible, and these suggestions hopefully help you whenever you run out of rolling paper.

Many do not recommend using aluminum foil because the material can activate many toxins that are harmful to your health when heated. It is vital that you stern away from this material smoke marijuana in a toxin-free and straightforward way. There are many alternatives and substitute if you do not have a rolling paper. Start with your fresh produce and household items. You will be happy knowing that there alternative inside your house. But, remember that this substitute is only for emergencies. It is still a must to use rolling paper when smoking cannabis.

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