Romulan Cannabis Strain Review

Anyone who is a fan of Star Trek can recognize the origin of the name of this strain. Romulan got its name from the character of this movie bearing the same name. It is named as such because cannabis smokers compared its effect to the qualities that the character possesses.

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Romulan Strain Specifications

Type: Mostly Indica
Flowering Period:  56 to 60 days
Climate:  Indoor/Outdoor
Yield:  Average
Stone:  Cerebral High
THC Level: 17-20%
Height:  Medium
Grow Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Special Features of Romulan

Romulan is an indica-dominant strain which is popularly known because of its therapeutic qualities.

This is not recommended for first-time smokers as they may not be able to withstand when the effects sit in. Romulan is too strong even for cannabis smokers who have been doing it for so long.

It can stimulate one’s appetite which means that one has to be ready with a snack because you will really look for it once the effect will be felt.

It does not grow tall but you should expect that it will have multiple branches which make it achieve a bushy look.

Bring out its aromatic smell when you grow it outdoor.

See to it that it is grown under good soil condition. If you are unsure if the soil is healthy, you can use fertilizer for it.

Romulan is good for patients who are experiencing chronic pain. The potent effect that this strain bears can provide alleviation to their condition.

It will make a cannabis smoker stationary into a particular spot and unable to move as it puts one in a couch lock state and will have the feeling of wanting to go to sleep as the effect starts to kick in.

It also provides solution to people who are having a difficulty sleeping at night. It can put an end to how many sleepless nights. This is why it is not recommended for daytime.

It is also a good way to help one recover from feeling depressed.

It helps one let go of stress. It is the best choice especially during times when you feel down.

It is not recommended for a smoker to use this if dealing with a task that requires concentration because it will not help you gain your focus since you will feel stoned.

Growing Romulan Tips

To expect a more successful yield from this strain, you better grow it in an environment which is not very prone to the wet season. Grow it somewhere which has direct access to the sunlight because its buds are oftentimes prone to molds. Always keep the surrounding dry and away from moist.