Site Selection and Preparation in Growing Marijuana Outdoors

With the ever-growing demand for medical marijuana, a lot of people are growing their own marijuana outdoors or indoors. Medical marijuana industry prepares to meet demand and for sure these big players will soon put more prices on their weed items which will add up to your burden as regular cannabis users. Growing your own marijuana plants would matter a lot.

Growing marijuana outdoors is applicable for those who have the location. The harvest can be overwhelming but you have to consider a lot of things. Let’s discuss site selection and preparation of your outdoor marijuana garden.

Marijuana plants need plenty of sunlight that’s why you need to find an ideal place where the plants can receive as much natural sunlight as possible. Aside from light, cannabis plants need a regular water supply and nutrient-rich soil. Once you have decided to grow marijuana outdoors, factors such as light, water, soil medium and safety against hungry animals, cops and thieves should be taken into great consideration. Consider all these factors when choosing a site for your outdoor pot growing. Since you do not have the full control of the growing environment outside, selecting the right kind of marijuana strain is also of utmost importance.

Choose outdoor pot seeds that are naturally robust so they can withstand all the pressures outside.

How to Look for an Ideal Site for Outdoor Cannabis Growing

1cIn looking for an ideal site to grow cannabis outdoors, keep in mind what things are necessary for growing healthy marijuana plants that produce a big harvest. If safety is your concern, choose a site that you can access but cannot easily be discovered by other people. Find a location where there are annual crops because this will tell you that the soil is rich in nutrients and is ideal for your outdoor cannabis grow. The tall plants around can also help conceal your outdoor garden.

Marijuana plants will also grow fast with the presence of sunlight. Select an outdoor location where the plants can receive around 3 to 5 hours of direct sunlight every day. Keep in mind that the plants love the morning light than the light in the afternoon. Aside from the natural sunlight, the water source is also important if you are in the course of finding an ideal location for growing pot outdoors. Choose an outdoor site with a natural source of water nearby.

Basic Soil Requirement and Preparation of Outdoor Marijuana Growing

The soil is a very important factor in selecting a site for outdoor growing. The development and the speed of growth of the marijuana plants are also dependent on the kind of soil. You just don’t plant the seedlings in any soil. Make sure that the growing medium where seedlings will be planted is amenable to marijuana growing because if not, a large harvest of potent and quality buds is less expected.

An ideal soil medium should have a neutral pH (around 6.5) with good draining properties, pest-free and is rich in nutrients. There won’t be many issues if you are planning to grow cannabis plants in soil and placed them in pots because you can just easily purchase a commercial potting soil that is already enriched with nutrients. The potting soil can also be added with fertilizers and other soil mixes to maintain good draining properties. If you will be growing marijuana in the natural soil, a bit of preparation may be necessary. You need to check on the soil pH and it should be around 6.5. If soil pH is low, you can correct it by adding hydrated lime at least one month before planting the marijuana seedlings.

Whether you are cultivating marijuana in soil placed in pots or directly in the ground, it is necessary to maintain and balance the nutrients in the medium during the entire growth cycle of the weed plants. During the course of growing, you may need to supplement the plants with additional nutrients by adding fertilizers directly in soil or through foliar feeding.

How to Prepare Your Outdoor Marijuana Garden

Before planting your marijuana seedlings, look for a site where you can ideally grow them. You can choose a site that can be hardly seen and visited by other people. In preparation for outdoor pot growing; you may need to do the following steps to ensure a healthy pot growing:

  • Sunlight is essential for growing cannabis plants. Choose a site where there is plenty of sunlight. However, if you have chosen a location that is somewhat shady and the plants are receiving less than 3 hours of direct sunlight, tin foil or a reflective material may be put around the area to reflect light to the plants.
  • Check the pH of the soil with a pH tester before planting the cannabis seedlings. The pH should be neutral because low pH or soil that is acidic can stunt the growth of the marijuana plants. Before planting, prepare the soil a month before by adding hydrated lime or sodium bicarbonate to the soil ground.
  • The water level in the outdoor garden site is also essential. Select a garden near a water source but if the water level is not enough, then you have to secure additional containers to collect rainwater to help ensure that all your cannabis plants will have an adequate water supply. These water containers can be partially buried.
  • Hungry animals that want to feed themselves with marijuana plants are also one of the concerns in a growing pot outdoors. You can put up a fence to protect your weed plants against animals that enjoy eating young cannabis plants.