Stages of Marijuana Flowering and Light Cycles

Most growers who are experienced in growing marijuana or those who are just starting up to learn on how to grow weed are looking forward to growing more female marijuana plants because only females can produce buds which are great for smoking. The flowering phase is the time when female cannabis plants will begin to produce buds. Changing the light cycle to 12/12 lights on and lights off will induce your weed plants to pre-flower. Switching the light cycle will send signals to the plants that they can now start producing flowers since days already got shorter.

Stages of Weed Flowering

The flowering time can vary from strain to strain. Depending on the kind of strain you are cultivating, the stage of cannabis flowering can take as early as 6 weeks up to 10 weeks or more. The most important aspect of the blooming time is the light. Please note that less than 12 hours light will lessen the rapidity of flowering. Thus, reduces the overall yield too. Actually, there are techniques that you can apply in order for you to get the best out from your marijuana plants. I recommend that you check the Growing Elite Marijuana Book since it has all the information that you need about how to grow weed indoors and outdoors. Marijuana plants should not receive light during the 12-hour dark period because this may allow the plants to revert back to the vegetative period or can cause stress that will eventually result in abnormal growth.

The Pre-flowering Stage

The pre-flowering stage usually begins during the 3rd to 5th week but most cannabis plants will start to show flowers one to two weeks after switching the light cycle to 12/12. Small pear-shaped nodes will appear on the 4th node of the stem of a female plant.Determining the sex of the cannabis plants at this time is nearly not possible. You will only know that the plants are on their pre-flowering phase if you will use a magnifying glass to closely examine them.

The Full-flowering Stage

In 3 to 5 weeks after changing the light cycle, weed plants will tend to stretch more to reach for the light. This is the time when buds will appear at the nodes of the plants. This time, you can now identify the sex of the cannabis plants you are growing. White pistils will develop and more buds that will form into clusters will emerge. The pistils or the small white hairs will change their color to dark brown or reddish when the buds are already mature and ready to be harvested.

Cannabis Light Cycles

In growing pot indoors, change the light cycle to 12 hours darkness and 12 hours light because shorter light hours will tell the weed plants that they can now start producing flowers. The light should be in 2700 Kelvin which imitates the lighting conditions in winter or fall.

During the dark period, ensure that your indoor grow room is in total darkness. Light interruption during this period may cause stress on the marijuana plants, turning some of the plants to become hermaphrodites. Make sure no light from the outside will enter the grow room during the dark cycle because this may confuse the plants, resulting in an abnormal growth and reduce harvest.

If you are working on your marijuana plants while they are in darkness, you can use a green light bulb since this kind of light does not affect the weed plants.

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