Starter Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana Growing

An artificial type of lighting is needed to grow marijuana indoors since the sunlight is absent. As an indoor grower, there are more things you need to know aside from knowing the basics of how to grow marijuana to get the biggest yield possible for that strain.

Know the best technique on how to grow cannabis indoors that will produce a bigger yield. Select the best type of artificial light and maintain a good level of humidity and temperature. Before getting started with any cannabis growing activity, identify the various light options including the advantages and disadvantages of each light system. Choose one that will suit the size of your grow room, budget, and level of growing expertise/experience.

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The type of artificial light and how much light needed to grow healthy weed plants will largely depend on the size of the grow room area and how big you want the marijuana plants to grow. For new cannabis growers with a small budget, CFLs or fluorescent lights are good as starter grow lights.


  • it is inexpensive to buy, to set-up and to maintain
  • good for stealthy pot growing such as in cabinets and grow tents because it takes up lesser space
  • it produces less heat so you can position it as close as possible to the plant
  • it consumes less energy
  • lesser or no heat extraction issues like the use of HPS
  • high powered CFLs such as the Eco lights emit the blue and red spectrum of light which is good for the marijuana’s vegging period and flowering time respectively
  • it does not need a separate ballast since CFLs can be simply screwed into a standard normal grow light lamp holder


  • not very efficient to use in large-scale marijuana growing and for bigger plants because the light they give off is only useful within a limited range
  • it can grow only a few number of short to medium height cannabis plants
  • it is not as high intensity lights compared to high pressure sodium lamps
  • you may need to put up more CFL bulbs for each plant when they start to produce buds. This is to make sure that any shadowed areas will be covered

A lot of growers do not realize that common household light bulbs such as the CFLs are good to use as an artificial lighting to cultivate marijuana plants indoors. Tutorials and tips on how to grow pot with compact fluorescent lighting are available in various marijuana websites and Ebooks. This type of lighting is cheaper than HID lights, runs longer and offers an intense light that is equivalent to high pressure sodium lamps but only consumes half the electricity.

Depending on the size of your growing area, combining several bulbs may be necessary to make sure that the largest amount of usable light is given to the cannabis plants. Choose the wattage that is the highest possible and is enough to accommodate the number of marijuana plants in the grow room area.