Superbox Grow Box Review

Superbox Grow Box Review

There’s one thing we need to get straight right at the start of our Superbox grow box review.

We vote a big YES on this affordable, automated and super compact grow cabinet.

Actually, the superbox grow box is our top favorite CFL stealth cabinet.

Check out more impressions we share after experiencing the world of easy cannabis cultivation with the superbox that lives up true to its name.

Superbox Grow Box Review: Secrets Revealed

At the very moment you take a look at the Superbox grow box, you already know she’s a keeper.

With a size of 18” (width) 24” (depth) 30” (height), you can easily find the perfect location for this indoor hydroponic beauty.

We loved how quiet the hydro setup works, and especially when you close the door – there is barely a sound.

The locker is fantastic, though we didn’t even expect this grow box would come without a reliable locker.

What we liked the most is definitely the eye and mind to the detail that the manufacturers have put when designing the superbox.

Thanks to the fact there is both an air pump and a water pump, even in the worst-case scenario of possible damage to any of these 2 essential parts (after all, shit sometimes happens and we know it!) – the other part can work as a buffer and still sustain the well-being of your indoor garden until the issue is resolved.

Ah, and the cult-classic CFLs! CFL grow lights are well-known as not that powerful as HIDs and LEDs.


However, CFLs are not called cult-classic for no reason.

These lights do provide a suitable light spectrum for marijuana plants to flourish.

The thing is, CFLs emit less heat and hence slightly less light than HIDs and LEDs.

To speak in numbers, CFL lights may lower your expected yields with about 20% on an average.

But on the other hand, generations of marijuana growers have utilized (and keep utilizing!) CFLs because these grow lights ensure stealthy, even though not maximized yields.

CFL-grown buds are potent and flavourful especially when introduced to hydroponic setups.

And mentioning the hydro installation if the superbox grow box – they’ve got our hands down!

An automated, easy-to-use even by beginners but simultaneously an intricate enough system to delight professional growers, we couldn’t find a single thing not to love about the up to 10 plants nurturing hydro system.

In fact, we were more than pleased with the full kit of essentials which also come along.

There wasn’t a single thing we need to start growing that was missing.

There is a TDS meter, a full blend of start to harvest nutrients for our green cannabeauties to thrive, a digital hygrometer and thermometer (plus a switch to adjust to Celsius or Fahrenheit and a 12/24 automatic mode clock), a pH control kit, light timer which switches lights automatically, and even a feeding timer to show you when your emerald princesses need watering (no more underwatering or overwatering again, hooray!).

Nevertheless, we also adore the innovative instructional DVD which is made so easy that even those of us who have 0 love for technical gigs can start growing with their superbox.

Pfeww, what a relief!

We know you can feel us on this one if you have ever assembled your own grow box and essentials for growing.

Such a tedious and confusing task, which also comes with so many calculations.

Thankfully, we are living in the 21st century!

Did we mention the awesome clay grow rocks?

Increasing in popularity among cannabis cultivators, grow rocks can ensure you make the most out of the harvesting point.

Whether you choose to utilize these or not is solely your choice since the grow rocks are a mere bonus and referred to by the manufacturers as a secondary growing medium.

Best of all, grow rocks are reusable and environment-friendly.

Growing up to 10 plants simultaneously was more than enough to satisfy the needs and personal preferences of our team of marijuana connoisseurs.

We highly appreciate the well-working carbon filter which eliminates all traces of marijuana smell in the grow room.

However, we noticed that at the peak of flowering, there is a slight reminiscent of cannabis lingering in the air.

But that subtle aroma disappears right away with closing the doors of the grow box and lighting a single aromatic candle was enough to make the grow space free of marijuana odor.

We’d say if you don’t want even the slightest bit of cannabis smell in the air during the last days of flowering, simply place your superbox grow box in the den or another available closet.

Yeah, maybe we’ve been way too auspicious on that one but if you’ve ever had to deal with conservative parents who also insist on paying you a visit every week, you know what we mean!

Ultimately, it took us an average of 15-30 minutes per day to adjust the nutrient levels in the hydro setup.

And that was pretty much all we had to do apart from simply letting our green beauties flourish in the automated care, provided by this convenient stealth cabinet.

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