Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 Review

Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 Review

Are you in for growing your indoor marijuana garden like a real pro?

You can definitely save yourself both time and worries from all the fuss that comes along with picking and assembling the entire arsenal of tools for an indoor cannabis grow setup.

Check out the Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 review we have compiled after getting to try and test this smart indoor marijuana growing system.

Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 Review: The Ultimate Breakdown

Now, for a start, it’s super important for our entire team of marijuana growers to set things straight at the very beginning.

We don’t want to sell you the Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 system. This is not what we were hired for.

We’re just a bunch of experienced (and not that much experienced) cannabis cultivators, who have the luck to get paid for testing various marijuana related-gigs.

Everything we will list as part of this review is solely our personal outlook on the advantages and disadvantages of Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 system.

We truly hope to help you out on your quest to find the most reliable and appropriate cannabis growing installation to fit your demands and expectations.

We’d also highly recommend that you skip the hurry and take the time to think about your long-term goals as a marijuana grower.

Sometimes (if not all the time!), it is best to invest in an equipment which will serve you in the long run and thus, will be worth your investment.

Now, let’s dive into what we found out after testing the Deluxe Supercloset 3.0 and see if it matches your needs as a grower.

Best Features of Supercloset Deluxe 3.0

Honestly, the first thing that comes to your mind when you see the Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 is nothing less but a jaw-breaking AWW.

When the manufacturers point out that this system is entirely capable of growing your marijuana plants for you, they are pretty close to the truth.

The major efforts you will have to pay is to clean the reservoir every 1-2 weeks.

Apart from that, you’ll also have to add the nutrients for your cannabeauties to grow and adjust the pH levels. Well, that’s pretty much all you’ll need to do.

What we love the most about this system is that it is truly made to automate the whole process of marijuana growing, from seedlings to densely packed marijuana buds during the stage of flowering.

It is awesome that you can get to grow your very own medication all-year round.

The super smart chambers are set-and-ready to provide the best conditions for cannabis plants to thrive and flourish during each growth stage.

There is a chamber for successful cloning, where you can place up to 50 little green babies.

It almost feels extraterrestrial how the designers of Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 have considered every small detail with an admirable precision.

Growing marijuana plants in vegetation don’t disturb growing marijuana plants in flowering within the same elegant closet.

Ah, this makes us believe there will be a time when this world can truly become more open and greener than ever.

The light system is completely setup for you, along with a built-in ventilation, and there’s even that intricate fan which blows from a 4-corner angle.

LEDs are notorious for their efficacy in marijuana cultivation but also for their low electricity cost, which is a huge win-win.

Meanwhile, thanks to the proper ventilation, there is literally no place for mold to hit your green beauties.

There are also additional anti-mold panels which help keep the closet sparkling clean with as less effort as possible.

My personal favorite feature is definitely the adjustable net screen.

This one impressed me way too much to put into words.

With the proper use of this screen, you can easily increase yields with up to 30%.

My very own first DIY grow boxes had something similar to the adjustable screen of Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 but I wouldn’t brag on mine after seeing this beautifully designed growing cabinet.

Thanks to the built-in activated carbon scrubber, marijuana smell is totally absent.

And if all of these features are not enough to make us scream and shout from admiration, the fully automated SuperPonics system is a top winner in our list of I-want-this-one, too features.

With the combination of Bubble, Aeroponics, and Deep Water culture plus Top feed methods, even first-year marijuana growers can brag on twice (or up to 5 times!) bigger yields than much more experienced cannabis cultivators.

Wow + hands down J

That introduction was not supposed to sound like advertising of any kind but this luxurious closet definitely deserves to be highly acknowledged.

The Final Verdict

As a final verdict, we think this particular growing cabinet is not suitable only in the case you are not really interested in growing your green medication indoors.

Or in the case you are looking for a very small-scale setup, (let’s say nothing more than 3-5 plants and nothing clones-related), then you most certainly don’t need to spend your cash on Supercloset Deluxe 3.0.

Nevertheless, it might be bigger in size than what you need to fit the space you have available.

There are more compact even though less automated growing cabinets, as well.

Ultimately, it has been nothing but a pleasure to test and try this system, and we cannot possibly point out to anything which we find useless or out-of-place.

It can be a fantastic long-term investment, which can actually pay off as soon as you lay your hands on your very first harvest.

If you had fun and found our Supercloset Deluxe 3.0 review useful, we’ll appreciate your thumbs ups and shares so much! Dreams do come true, bud-buddies but we only stand strong when we are united. Let’s spread the positive vibes about easy and successful marijuana growing!