Supercloset Trinity 3.0 Review

Supercloset Trinity 3.0 Review

Greetings to all of you, fellow marijuana buddies out there.

We are a young couple from Europe and it’s been approximately 3 months growing our green medication with Supercloset Trinity 3.0.

Marijuana legalization in our country is still a taboo. That’s why we agree to share our impressions on Supercloset Trinity 3.0 yield without revealing our personal data.

Before we get any further, it’s really important for us to spread the word of easy marijuana growing.

Who are We and Why we Needed Optimized Cannabis Yields

Both I and my husband have been medicating on cannabis for more than 8 years.

It feels paranoid and oppressive to be constantly trying to hide like a criminal for using an all-natural herb to treat your issues.

We are happy to be proud parents of 3 healthy children, who are growing so fast.

Admittedly, our kids were one of the reasons we opted for a stealth growing cabinet in the first place.

Before my first son turned 2 years old, we were sneaking to take care of our marijuana indoor garden, situated in the garage.

But as our boys grow, it gets very suspicious to refuse them to access just about any part of the house. (The old: that’s for grown-ups only excuse simply becomes inapplicable).

But on the other hand, we cannot possibly afford to share with them the fact we are growing our own marijuana.

Kids are just kids, and we cannot possibly tell them to keep this a secret in front of their teachers and classmates.

That doesn’t mean we do not educate our children on the truth about medicating with cannabis.

We truly hope better days are yet to come for legal and accessible cannabis cultivation.

But before these hopes turn into reality, there is nothing we can possibly do apart from playing by the rules.

Thus, we are grateful for the opportunity to place our opinion about using the Supercloset Trinity 3.0 for stealthy yields.

It is by steadily building a supportive community of cannabis patients and connoisseurs of the herb which we feel is the right way to support freedom of marijuana use.

Experiencing Stealth Cabinet Marijuana Cultivation for the First Time

When we finally decided to order our Supercloset Trinity 3.0, we were pleasantly surprised by the quick shipment.

My husband was out-of-town when we received the stealth cabinet. The wonderful video instructions regarding assembling, maintaining and utilizing Supercloset Trinity 3.0 were more than welcome.

There is literally no question or concern left without an answer after watching those videos.

And admittedly, we highly appreciate the fact that the manufacturers took the time to provide video instructions, instead of the often hard-to-grasp conventional lists with guidelines.

After all, I didn’t really need to wait for my husband to come back home to install our first clones into the cloning chamber. So if a woman can do it, I bet anyone can.

The locker is of extreme convenience, and it’s a very discreetly built one, as well.

We definitely needed a reliable locking device because of our 3 super curious boys.

Even though we placed our Supercloset Trinity 3.0 in the bedroom, we can’t possibly totally block out kids’ access to the room.

Revealing Our Supercloset Trinity 3.0 Yield

We are very impressed with the success rate of the cloning chamber. We estimated it at roughly 35% better than what we have achieved with cloning so far.

Overall, it has been just 3 months but our first Supercloset Trinity 3.0 crops are already harvested after the final flush.

We used a traditional Afghani Indica strain because this is the strain we have the most experience with growing.

Typically, it takes almost 4 months to harvest but the miracle of hydroponic growing speeds up this process tremendously.

When it comes to the yields, we got 40% higherthan with any other growing method applied so far.

Previously, we got an average of 10 oz. per sq. m., compared to almost 16 oz. per sq. m. with the Supercloset Trinity 3.0.

The buds are mesmerizing and the biggest fat buddies we have seen.

Whether or not to opt for a hydro marijuana growing setup was our greatest worry before ordering the Supercloset Trinity 3.0.

We are a health-aware family and we were afraid of having to utilize a non-organic method for marijuana growing.

However, after the final flush, we got extremely delicious and potent crops, and there was not even the slightest trace of nutrients in the after-taste.

New Opportunities for Marijuana Growers

Up-to-date, we are planning to turn our Supercloset Trinity 3.0 into a very small-scale family business and use the money for our kids’ education.

We have many close friends and relatives who wish to medicate with cannabis but finding a reliable supplier is not only hard.

It is also too expensive, and we want to support other families to enjoy the green medication without spending their hard-earned money on street dealers.

Another aspect we were concerned about before ordering the Supercloset Trinity 3.0 was the possible marijuana smell.

If you leave the doors open during the peak of flowering, there is, of course, some cannabis reminiscent present.

The ventilation works wonderfully well, though. And we also highly appreciate the discreet hygrometer at the back of the closet.

We live in a rather humid climate and we’ve lost multiple crops because of molds.

Anyway, however perfectly well the ventilation system is functioning, it is completely normal to sense the marijuana smell during flowering.

But when the doors are closed, the seal keeps all the aroma away.

Final Evaluations of Our Experience with Indoor Hydro Marijuana Growing

Investing in the Supercloset Trinity 3.0 turns out to be one of the best decisions we have made, even though it was not easy to just spend our family budget without taking the time to estimate the possible pros and cons.

Anybody who wishes to enjoy an automated, low-maintenance and extremely satisfying, all-year-round marijuana growing indoors, will definitely love this stealth cabinet.

The Superloset Trinity 3.0 yield is not like anything you have seen ever before. Now, at the final, we want to send our blessings to all of you and hope there will be brighter days for all the cannabis patients and connoisseurs out there.

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