The Difference between Sativa and Indica Strains – Other Types Discussed

Indica, sativa, and ruderalis – those are the terms used to name the different marijuana types. They have the difference and your marijuana growing success could be dependent on which type you would grow.

If you decide to grow weed through seeds, then you have to know which marijuana seeds you would buy. Would that be an indica? A sativa? A cross? Ask yourself those questions and of course, learn how to grow weed so that you will have a higher percentage of success rate.

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The Indica

Indica seeds, or those which possess generic makeup in a strain for about 70 %, have buds that grow faster yet grow shorter than intended. It has a higher amount of CBD than THC that means to induce more relaxation in terms of sleep and pain relief.

The Sativa

Sativa seeds on the other hand, or those which comprise about 70% of the strain’s genetic makeup, has a higher amount of THC and CBD. You have to understand that these levels would procure the body to be more energetic, alert and active. However, whether you are asking which strain has more cheap marijuana seeds available, you may want to know in which effect you would like to enjoy with.

Let’s talk about the other marijuana types.

Let’s start with ruderalis.

Ruderalis is not much of interest if you are a grower. But if you are a breeder, then this strain is of great interest to you. This is a type of cannabis does not grow tall and can withstand harsh times. If you are creating an autoflower then you would need a ruderalis to mix with the other strains.

I don’t see people selling pure ruderalis on the internet or in local stores.

Secondly, let’s discuss hybrids. There are indica-sativa combinations. Some are indica dominant while others are sativa dominant. You have learned about the difference between the two as what I have discussed earlier, you should know the feeling of growing a crossbreed. Some are easy to grow while others need you to be an expert.