Top 6 Marijuana Rolling Papers Review

There are a lot of places where you can buy raw rolling papers. There may be some unusual ways as some people would even choose to eat the marijuana plant which can be downright weird. Perhaps these people like the particular kind of high that are being brought to them in this kind of hitting their weed.

However, there is the most common kind and that is through smoking. When it comes to smoking weed, there is a certain apparatus that is being used here in order to make possible and utilize the most the THC content of the particular cannabis that they intend to smoke. This paraphernalia that is being used is the rolling papers. One should know that rolling papers are actually small sheets that have been rolled. They can either also be several sheets of paper that are being sold especially for rolling cigarettes. These things can be done either by hand alone or with a certain rolling machine. Once such paper is being rolled, it is most likely that is being filled with their favorite kind of pot or cannabis that may be sometimes mixed with other herbs.

Let the countdown begins:

The great thing about rolling papers is that one can be so ingenious and unique in finding distinctive ways to create or have their very own rolling paper. The list below shows the most popular and the highest rated rolling papers that have been commonly used with the typical stoner’s favorite kind of marijuana. The following are considered to be some of the best marijuana rolling papers ever used with a cannabis.


zig-zag-marijuana-rolling-paperWhen you compare these things to your ordinary rolling papers, one should know that the Zig-Zag is, by far, the most widely used primarily because it is the thickest among the other rolling papers. In fact, it is very much thick that you might as well consider rolling your cannabis with an OSLO paper, just in case. However, this is the most reliable rolling paper as this is made of an authentic wood pulp that is manufactured in France. But even so, the Zig-Zag is commonly the most used rolling paper in the USA that is you randomly ask any stoner to pull out their rolling paper, you would often see an orange colored box of paper and clearly identified to be Zig-Zag.


Randys-Wired-Rolling-PapersThis has been considered to be very famous for the old-timers and the typical juvenile delinquents who are intent on smoking their pot right down to the very end until it burns the lips. Randy’s has been quite known and famous during the 1970s and this has been suspected to the first rolling paper ever made for the first cannabis smoker. The thing that makes Randy’s unique as compared to the rest of the rolling papers is that it has a metal wire that is being glued right at the very bottom part of the paper. This maintains the said paper in a pouch position. However, if the paper completely burns, you would find out that as the wire is being more exposes, it becomes a useful built-in roach clip.


bambu-rolling-paperThis is the reason why Clubs are not so much as famous and that is because of the Bambu. It is the best joint papers ever made next to the Zig-Zag. However, as compared to the Zig-Zag, Bambu has an edge better because its paper is very much thin and that has set them apart from the rest of the rolling paper manufacturers. For that added effect, most of the Bambu varieties come in different flavors as well.


elements-rolling-paperSome smokers consider Elements to also belong to the top of the line quality rolling papers ever made. It should be as it is made with rice and that it is very much thin that if you hold it with a gram of weed in it, you might worry if the pot weed might just fall off as the paper might not be able to hold it well. But it does actually and it has a perk to it. The paper burns so evenly and so slowly that it allows you to fully enjoy the taste of your cannabis. This great rice paper provides the convenience of being very easy to hold and roll.

Clear Papers

clear-paper-jointsAbout seven years ago to eight years ago, these clear papers have been considered to be the most popular kind of rolling papers ever. And it seems that almost all cannabis smokers during that era can’t smoke without it. Clear papers do have a special feature and that they burn pretty slowly. The main reason why this is so is that of the thickness of their paper and also it is general cellulose content that it feels like you are smoking plastic. There is a negative effect here though and that is it has a tendency to become real slimy by the end.


club-rolling-papersThis is not very much a high-quality rolling paper. In fact, most users would consider this as a poor version of the Bambu. To say the least, it may have a good quality paper but the idea of having a gum that is accompanied in this rolling paper can be quite a weird tandem. In fact, the said gum does not really serve up to its purpose as one has to continually patch the whole rolling paper with the cannabis in it for a couple of times or so. The worst case scenario is that some packs of Clubs have been reportedly known to have been gum-free.

These are only some of the great rolling papers that are known to be great for your cannabis. There may be some more out there but if you are keen on trying only the most popular and the widely used and the most recognizable, you can definitely count on these great rolling papers as you will surely have a blast smoking your great weed with some of these great rolling papers.

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