Top Marijuana Grow Boxes

Top Marijuana Grow Boxes

A grow box is a type of a space that is enclosed and is solely intended for growing of plants. There are several reasons as to why grow boxes are very popular and one is because of the fact that the world doesn’t always have sunny days and therefore they would need something to cope up for the changes in the weather especially for plants that doesn’t grow on cold weathers. In addition to that, people who are fond of growing plants and vegetables tend to use grow boxes because they have small outdoor space or no outdoor space at all. Once a person whose hobby resides on planting would always find a way to pursue it and that is through the use of top grow boxes.

Growing Marijuana

Cannabis which is more popularly known as marijuana is very popular for its medicinal effects. Cannabis is an annual plant meaning in order for it to fully grow the plant should be able to experience the different seasons throughout the year. The process of growing marijuana involves germination in the spring, vegetation in the summer, and flowering in the fall. However, if you wish to speed up the process it undergoes then you could choose to grow them using top marijuana grow boxes.

Once you are able to use top marijuana grow boxes the process will still the same, germination, vegetation, and flowering will take place however with faster results. You can germinate the seed inside your house, and then in order to start the vegetation process, expose your seed at most likely 24 hour lightning however if you are concerned with the energy consumption then you can do an 18-hour lighting and 6 hours off so for the plant to think that it is already summer. When the seedling has grown large enough to be able to start flowering, try tricking it that the season has changed to fall through adjusting best marijuana grow boxes lighting to 12 hours on and 12 hours off.

What are the best marijuana grow boxes?

Hydro Cabinet (Non Toxic) 

For $115 you would surely enjoy one of the top marijuana grow boxes. Its reflective ability is twice as much as ordinary tents and allows the user to customize the environment you wish for it to grow. However, if you want to grow bigger amount of plants then this is not as ideal as it may seem for its dimension is only 48”x48”. Although it is very good for it only takes up a little space therefore allowing it to not serve as some clutter on your home. Anyway, for its price, it seems to be very good to purchase for according to marijuana grow boxes review it has its own ventilation system manifested at the right side of the panels allowing fresh air to go in and out freely as well as preventing it to overheat that might cause plants to get burned.

Mylar Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent

A free-standing compact tent that takes up lesser space. It water-resistant which helps the avoidance of spillage. However it does not have built in light and ventilation which would tantamount to users needing to pay additional cost but it has a space available for it. It is also highly reflective which is very good for lighting. Suitable for cultivating through soil and hydroponics. Could be purchased for $80.79

Triple Chamber Grow Box Cabinet System by Super Closet Trinity

An ideal grow box for gardeners which is fond of growing seedlings that is of different height. This grow box has an adjustable lighting system which is ideal for vegetation, flowering, and cloning. At $3,795, you can have a growing system and with boxes that comes with filter fans, TDS meter, nutrients, and PH Kit. Marijuana grow boxes review also show that this growing box provides the highest yield and is considered to be the most user friendly box. The downside of this product is that it is massive and is very inappropriate for tight-spaced apartments, condo units, and houses.

PC Hydroponics Grow Cabinet Grow Box


Probably one of the best marijuana grow boxes since it is very stylish as it takes the form of a PC. It is ideal if you are aiming for the safety of your marijuana since it has customized lock and key system to keep it intact. Very convenient for it has odor control to keep unwanted odor from escaping and is a hundred percent light proof. However, since it is designed for thick bushy plants, it may not be suitable for most plants which have different preferences. Anyway, it still is a great deal since with $495, you surely would be ready to plant for 4 months of basic nutrients. Pre-installed germination helpers o are included in the package plus a three year warranty.

Supercloset Superlocker 250watt Grow Box Cabinet Close System

Undeniably one of top marijuana grow boxes in the world. It is a locket-type grow box which is ideal for space saving. At the price of $2, 000 you can enjoy the complete set, which can be set up after 90 minutes, with fans, nutrients, filter, 250W ballast and a bulb. However if you are looking for a grow box which can entertain up to ten seedlings then this is quite inappropriate for its design only allows it to entertain 8 3-feet tall plants. But still it has the ability to harbor 10 clones so it isn’t as bad as it may seem.

Marijuana grow boxes review doesn’t just let you see the important features of a certain product. Its existence is something that is very essential to the consumers for it allows them to weigh the odds of purchasing a product over the other. It gives them greater idea about the advantage and disadvantage of acquiring that product instead of other products that are offered in the market. It also allows them to offset the pros and cons and see if the it is worthy of being purchase given the price presented.