Top Marijuana Marijuana Grow Rooms

A lot of people may be wondering what exactly is a marijuana grow room. For those who are very keen on growing their very own cannabis, a grow room should be considered to be very important and vital especially if you intend to grow your own marijuana in an indoor environment.

So, one should be able to know what exactly is a grow room. A grow room is actually any type of room which may vary in terms of size and shape so that any grower would be able to grow their plants in an indoor environment, particularly under a controlled condition. A lot of people find the method of grow room to be very beneficial as there are a lot of benefits to be derived from having your very own grow room. Now, to count the many benefits of having your own grow room would entail a lot of advantages.  But however, the main reason why there is a grow room is that one would be able to avoid the repercussions of growing marijuana in an explicit environment especially if the law would state otherwise. Indeed, this would lead people to rather grow their very own indoor cannabis inside a very much controlled environment.

Now, there are a lot of growing room designs that one would be able to choose from. However, regardless of their varying types, it should be known that such grow room must be able to provide the cannabis plant with the list of elements that are required for the survival of these plants. Indeed, it must be able to have the right amount and kind of light or even power lamps. It also should be known that these grow rooms should be particularly hot depending on the growth requirement of your marijuana plant. The following are your important options for the best marijuana grow room.

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Your Grow Room Designs:

The following are your ideal grow rooms for you to choose from.

A grow room set up with a 2 lights air cooled room

This particular weed grow room actually combines the filter of the carbon and also the exhaust system which will then turn into lights that are air cooled. Now, if you blow the air through the use of the lights instead of the usual sucking of it will then assure that the smell of the contaminated air will be able to get out from the said room. What is great about this is that it has a special air-cooled light which will better assist the growth of this cannabis. But the unfortunate thing about this is that one might get the risk of the contaminated air.

The construction of this grow room would cost around $2,200.00. There would have an additional fee of $350.00 if you want to add some more carbon dioxide.

A grow room with 2 light power buckets

This is the best marijuana grow room that is considered to popularly known as the “Power Bucket” system. It is actually considered to be the most efficient type of system that is available in the market. One of the advantages of this grow room is that it allows the nutrient solution to run on a daily basis and on 24 hours a day. This would, therefore, provide more room for the plant to absorb the nutrients that it provides and at the same time, it also takes in the much-needed oxygen on a simultaneous level. However, it can be very tedious as one has to make sure that the buckets are propped particularly up at 5”. In this way, the water level in the said bucket must always be about 1/3 up to ½ upside. Thus, this can be very tedious since water temperature should always be monitored. It must always be around 68-72 degrees.

The construction of this grow room would cost around $2,000.00. There would have an additional fee of $350.00 if you want to add some more carbon dioxide.

Grow room with 4 light

This particular weed grow room is considered to be great for beginners. It is designed to cater 36 marijuana plants that are particularly measured at 3 feet by 4 and a half feet tall, especially during its harvest. With a certain single can which is about 77 liters, it will be able to suffice the provision of nutrients to all the 36 said marijuana plants. However, the disadvantage of this is that it can only accommodate a fixed number of 36 plants. If one would intend to plant fewer than 36, it may not be able to be space efficient. But if you would also plant more than 36, one would not also be able to accommodate it.

This best marijuana grow room would cost at $1,500.00 but if you intend to add CO2, there would have an additional charge of $350.00

 Grow room with 4 light drain and flood

The very basic advantage of this is that this particular type of grow room is very much easy to set up. It has a special 2 valve system that particularly functions as an efficient water reservoir which is one of the reasons why it has a great weed grow room review. One should only have to simply close the valve while going through the tables and when it comes to draining, one should simply have to open it again. Ventilation is indeed a great factor when it comes to growing rooms and it has one of the negative features on this grow room as it needs more refinement.

This grow room is around $2,900.00 and that one should only have to add $350.00 for the additional carbon dioxide.

It is very much true that one should be very keen in choosing the right to grow room for you. You need to consider your expertise and also your knowledge on growing marijuana indoors so that you will be able to have a great background as to how you need to establish and maintain your very own grow room.