List Of Top Sativa Strains: A-Must-Try

top sativa strains

Generally, there are there three kinds of cannabis strain: Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. However, the latter is rarely utilized though it is an auto-flowering strain and inclines to have ruderalis genes. In general, marijuana enthusiasts continue to support Cannabis Sativa and Indica, or the mixture of the two, which is called hybrid. 

Recognized as the recreational marijuana strain, Sativa is well known because of its energizing results on the consumer. They provide a high, which encourages inventiveness, activity, and friendliness. Consumers of Sativa strains carry on to advocate it because of their uplifting results. Also, they are sometimes the most well known among those who use marijuana for recreational reasons compared to therapeutic reasons. As such, in this post, we give you a short prompt on what sativa is and provide the top Sativa strains that you must give a try.

Sativa Strain: What Is It?

A cannabis strain is a gentle variety of the marijuana plant that is known with the scientific name “Cannabis Sativa L.” The variation of Sativa is likely derived from Africa, Asia, and both Central and South America, and is located normally in countries like Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, and Cambodia. Similar to other kinds of marijuana, Sativa was grown and genetically raised in many years to encourage particular features of the herb. If cannabis Indica is recognized for its sedative high as well as the capacity to give couch-locking effects, cannabis Sativa does improve the energy, provide a high level of self-esteem, and probably grow concentration and creativity.

Additionally, Sativa herbs have narrower foliage and longer flowering stage compared to Indica. They are as well notably taller. Though the majority of Sativa strains grow not more than 12 feet, a small number of herbs reach an unbelievable height of 25 feet. If you pay more attention, you will know that Sativa herbs have a lighter green color compared to Indica plants. They also need time to grow and become mature compared to Indica. More so, Sativa plants require more light. The encouraging effects given by pure Sativa makes it perfect for daytime consumption.

The Top Sativa Strains

Amnesia Haze

Give big budsFlowering time may take up to 11 weeks
25% THC level
90% Sativa
Resistant to mold and illness
Ready within 9 weeks

Amnesia Haze provides one of the greatest mixtures of classic Sativa genes and has a high THC level of 25%. As cannabis Sativa, it is recognized for having the most vigorous THC levels and comprise of 90% Sativa genes. Also, it has awarded innumerable Cannabis Cup awards as well as wonderful unwinding possessions that have an enduring uncompromising buzz, which creeps up the consumers. When you are an indoor cultivator, you can simply harvest around 600 grams per square meter of this type of cannabis sativa Strain.

Developing lengthy branches with THC-loaded chunks, this cannabis Sativa dominant herb has a low ratio when it comes to its leaves and buds. Furthermore, this plant was bred from pure Sativa genes from the herbs in Jamaica, Hawaii, and Southeast Asia. This kind of Sativa can provide strong plants, which develop into a giant. They as well discharge fatty resin and are unusually resistant to molds and illnesses. Though it takes time for this herb to flower, its powerful shoots are worth it to wait.

Sour Diesel

Provides resinous shootsHas a strong smell
Gives an energetic and tough high
Uniform boughs

Sour Diesel is one of the top Sativa strains that came into the market as early as the 90s. However, it has a magnificent name in 2020. Its genetic history tracks down to Northern Lights, Shiva, and Hawaiian. This Sativa strain has created identification for itself as one of the heftiest and most well-known Sativa strains. It surprisingly provides a vigorous euphoria compared to cannabis Indica, the Northern Lights. Since this Sativa provides a quick action and powerful high with the help of its green shoots, it is best to cultivate this plant outdoors. When it is cultivated there, it can grow several pounds of shrubs, which sometimes requires being handled through training and topping.

Moreover, this plant is an inhabitant of the Emerald Triangle and is recognized by skillful cultivators around the world. It gives big boughs that provide buds within ten weeks. Also, this Sativa strain develops resinous and buds that have a strong smell, which sometimes necessitates fans for additional ventilation and control of the smell. Furthermore, it is already ready within 9 weeks from the flowering phase. Though it completes somehow a bit late compared to other new hybrids, it is considered as a quick-growing plant than other kinds of Sativa. It also provides a skunky diesel aroma and has a THC level of 22%, which makes it a great choice for alleviating pain.

Jack Herer

Has a great tasteBrittle trichomes
Only takes 8 weeks to finish
The THC level of more than 20%

Jack Herer was coined after the writer and marijuana reformer, Jack Herer. This Sativa strain is one of the unmixed Sativas that you can look for. As a vigorous Sativa strain, Jack Herer is one that you need to have a consideration in cultivating when you desire crystal-glazed buds that has a THC level of more than 20%. As a Sativa dominant plant, it has a flowering period of about 8 to 12 weeks varying on the phenotypes of your particular seeds. One of the good things about Jack Herer is that you can cultivate this both indoors and outdoors varying on the needs you have and has high yields both ways.

The taste of Jack Herer is similar to crème Brulee, mixing rich, with lots of nuts, creamy appearance, and after tonnes from haze and skunk. Lastly, as one of the high-standard cannabis Sativa, this Sativa strain has received lots of Cannabis Cup awards and provides a yield of more than 600 grams each plant if cultivated outdoors.

Top Sativa Strains: The End Notion

When you are a recreational consumer, probably, you have already consumed Sativa dominant strains like the Amnesia Haze. On the other hand, this kind of cannabis also possesses an array of possible therapeutic advantages. Generally, consumers use Sativa strains throughout the day to assist in encouraging a loftier level of energy and concentration. Though they may need a longer time to flower compared to Indica strains, it can be trusted that the waiting game is worth it. Just have some patience and you will receive some of the greatest yields and the most powerful buds. And when you are a marijuana user who loves to enjoy some of the weeds during the day and looking for the uplifting high, which you require for your work, you need to take into consideration in cultivating one of these top Sativa strains this year.

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