Training and Trimming During Cannabis Vegetative Growth

Training and trimming marijuana plants during the vegetative period is one of the best ways to control growth and increase the final yield as it helps increase the size and the number of budding areas. Please note that the growth may be slowed down for a few days right after trimming or training or any method for controlling the growth and height of the plants. Do not be alarmed! This happens because the energy that the plants are using for growth is being used up to recover from stress and to repair any wounds.

The Importance of Trimming the Marijuana Plants

Trimming the cannabis plants can be done during the vegetative period to control their growth by removing some of the leaves from any branches. This process is important for those who want a good harvest as they are growing marijuana. You can use a trimming machine to make the process easier and faster while it helps concentrate growth in the good areas of the plant. With the use of an automatic trimming machine, you can do your work with reduced effort and in just a few minutes, leaving you cannabis plants that can give an excellent harvest.

Marijuana growers know the importance of trimming their plants during the vegetative growth because this process will help in increasing the number and the size of the budding sites for good harvest. Just like training, the process of trimming is a technique done by several growers to put their plants under a little stress to make them react and spurt their growth.

Control Marijuana Growth through Low-Stress Training

You can control the growth of the cannabis plants without causing them harm. If you want an even growth and height for your plants, there is a gentle way to do that without the need of cutting the stems. The process of getting a flat and horizontal growth without damaging the plants is called LST or low-stress training.

In low-stress training, the stems of the marijuana plant are bent gently in a certain direction and tying them using a spool of a twisty tie and connect to the pot or something to weigh them down and keep them in a proper position. Aside from the problem in space by many pot growers, they are doing the low-stress training in order to increase their yield during harvest time. It is not only good for controlling cannabis plant growth but it also helps in giving healthier and bigger buds because the flowers are exposed to a consistent level of light and heat.