Transferring Marijuana Seedlings

After the marijuana seeds have already sprouted and they have grown into a few inches tall, you will need to transfer the marijuana seedlings into their new containers to allow proper vegetative growth. It is time to prepare your growing medium as soon as the young marijuana plants have already established a stronger root system. The process of transferring the seedlings to the growing medium is something that should not be taken lightly because during this stage, the young cannabis plants are still fragile and damaging their roots may cause them to die. Know when the best time to transfer the seedlings is and how to do it without stressing the plants.

When to Transfer the Cannabis Seedlings

During the entire growth of the marijuana plants, you may need to transfer them once or twice. You will know when it is already time to do the transferring when you see that the seedlings are already starting to outgrow their starter cups and the leaves will show rapid growth. These are signs that from the seedling stage, they are moving on towards the vegetative period. Check the size of the cannabis plants and compare it with their starter cups. If they look too tall for their containers, prepare your grow medium and transfer them to prevent root bound.

Choose new containers that are twice as large as the current ones to ensure proper spreading and development of the roots. In doing the transplanting, do it very carefully to prevent damaging the fragile roots, stems and leaves of the marijuana seedlings.

Transplanting Marijuana Seedlings – How to Do It? 

The actual process of moving the marijuana seedlings to their new containers is crucial. Listed below is a step-by-step procedure on how marijuana seedlings should be transplanted:

  • Prepare the growing medium. It is recommended to use a minimum container size of 4 gallons for each cannabis plant. Fill the container with soil or any growing medium of your choice and allow enough space to put in the young marijuana plant.
  • Make the soil moist but do not flood the containers to avoid drowning the roots. Water the soil just enough to make it damp so it can hold together for easy transplanting.
  • Place the young cannabis plants in the holes you created in the soil of their new containers. Gently push the soil around the plants and spray it with water.

Transplanting is necessary to promote proper growth of roots, stems and leaves and for great bud production. Just do it carefully so no damage on the roots and other parts of the marijuana plant is inflicted during the process.