UK Seed Bank Reviews – Guide to Finding the Best Seedbank in the UK

Every grower’s goal is to be able to produce a great yield. And in order to do so, you need to have a fighting start to choose from, and one of this is to ensure that you use the right materials. This article is UK seed bank reviews guide to finding the best seed bank in the UK. This might be helpful especially if you are looking for the perfect seeds to start from. This will keep you informed about seed strains and buying decisions. Whether you will grow indoor or outdoor, making use of a good quality seed strain will always be a good start to produce crops as best as possible. is one of the resellers of cannabis strains that come from a winning Dutch seed breeder. This reseller company has a great and impressive range which has 59 different marijuana strains. These include some of the big names such as the Skunk, White Widow, Northern Lights, Jack Herer, G13, Black Domina, and a lot more. These are just a few of some of the best choices to choose from.

Cannabis seeds coming from this seed bank are kept at a very competitive price because of its name. By having a famous search term, is continuously being on top of the search results, which keeps their advertising to cost low.

All cannabis strains that they sell are grown outdoors using a natural light. also guarantees that all their seeds are carefully hand checked before being dispatched and ensures that there are no crushed seeds.

The Attitude Seed Bank

The Attitude Seed Bank is also a good strain provider and has made a major role in the cannabis world for a lot of years now. They are able to build up and manage a reputable and trusted brand for themselves. The Attitude Seed Banks ensures that all their customers will have a quality product, and able to get what they expect. Another bonus for this seed bank is that they can ship worldwide. They also accept different currencies which makes them excel in customer service and care. Attitude Seed Bank serves as a cannabis curator, which only sells strains that can meet their standards. This seed bank is a good way to go for your cannabis seeds.

Dr Chronic

Dr Chronic is an online marijuana seed bank, established in 2002 but has already been in the marijuana trading business ever since 1988. Dr Chronic has a retail store which is name Oh Yeah!. The cannabis seeds coming from this seed bank are sourced out from the best cannabis breeders such as the Dutch Passion, Big Buddha, Greenhouse, White Label Seeds, Seeds Archive, Mandala, Willy Jack, TH Seeds, Ministry of Cannabis, Nirvana, BC Bud, Magus, Pyramid, Flying Dutch Men and a lot more. However, like any other seed stores, they also have their top picks and best sellers which include Tangerine Dream, Jack Herrer, Fem THC Bomb, Original Northern Lights, Blue Cheese Fem, Pineapple Chunk Fem, Buddha White Dwarf and Fem Far Out which is only new from the Mandala Seeds.

Dr Chronic Marijuana seeds only offer selected strains that are produced and grown using organic materials, nutrients, and procedures, since a lot of smokers are in a rave of pure organic weeds. There are cannabis seeds which are sold available in a pack of 10s such as the Biggie Small, Troublemaker, Chronics Revenge, Alpha 13, and MPK 5.

Pick n’ Mix Cannabis Seeds

This cannabis bank seed is established in 2007 and they have a distinction of being able to cater to a lot of marijuana seeds from other online seed banks. They are also a retailer which offer even a single seed for sale to their customers. The customer of Pick n’ Mix is able to choose different varieties of pot seeds which they can also grow. They offer price which is the same especially if the customer buys a pack of 10 seeds. They have a lot of seed strains that are available such as auto-flowering seeds and regular seeds to yield with hybrid marijuana seeds.

This company seed bank is based in the UK and they also deliver worldwide. However, they do not ship seeds to Australia and the US. They also offer discreet and fast shipping. For big orders, they also offer free packaging and postage. They have an arrival time of 2-3 working days for clients in the UK and 5-10 days for international customers.


That’s all for the UK seed bank reviews guide to finding the best seed bank in the UK. All of these seed banks can be a very great choice to have a fresh start in growing your own supply of weeds. Growing cannabis can be very meditative and rewarding experience, and starting it by choosing the right product will give you a good end result in the future, for as long as you follow good techniques in the overall growth process.