Weed Growing Kit - Why do you Need One

Weed Growing Kit – Why do you Need One

A lot of people who wanted to start their own marijuana garden do not have a wide space, to begin with. New growers commonly just live in small apartments, and a number of them are not entirely sure how and what to prepare to get things started, but using a weed growing kit can give you the best start for your cannabis indoor growing.

Making and preparing your very own weed growing kit is hard as it requires a lot of work to do and it is a little bit technical. Having a complete marijuana growing kit will give everything that you need to jump start your marijuana garden. Getting a weed growing kit serves as an all-in-one solution to start things up.

Why Use a Weed Growing Kit

A weed growing kit will reduce the stress that you will have to put on yourself like looking for the right light, air vents and such because all of those are included in the kit. Marijuana growing kits are specifically designed to fit the size of the grow tent that comes with it.  All that a grower would need to have a successful grow is included in the grow kit and each equipment is customized to fit in the grow tent.

This marijuana grow tent kits are built by experienced growers to help novice growers. Putting up a cannabis grow room with nothing is a very tedious work, even for seasoned growers. Marijuana grow kit is an easy and another way to make and start your marijuana journey as a grower a little easier.

What is a Cannabis Grow Kit

A weed grow kit or also known as the marijuana grow tent kit. This a growing package with complete and an all in a single package which includes a cannabis grow tent as well as all other accessories and the pieces of equipment you needed in starting your indoor marijuana growing.

At the least, what you can find in a weed grow kit may include one grow tent and grow lights and some basic equipment that also includes like fans, some filters, iron rods, strong beams, and connectors as well as thermometers and others.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Weed Growing Kit

There are several factors to watch out for when in search of a perfect marijuana grow tent kit.

Consider the Tent Size

One of the critical things to consider is the size of grow tent that is included in the grow kit whenever you are planning to buy a weed grow tent kit. This is because the size of the tent will dictate how many plants you can grow at a time thus, in turn, will be the determining factor in the amount of harvest. Aside from that, you will also need to plan where you will set up the tent in your house, check the possible spaces and if the grow tent fits.

Check the Grow Lights

All marijuana grow kit comes with grow lights. The common types of lights used in marijuana growing are the fluorescent bulb, LED and the HPS. Grow lights are the very vital factor in picking your marijuana grow tent kit. As much as possible look for a full spectrum LED cannabis grow lights.

Will you go for soil or soilless base growing?

Some marijuana grow kits are designed for hydroponics growing. The growing medium also determines what should be included in the marijuana grow kit.

Check the Equipment Included

All marijuana grow kits have standard pieces of equipment and accessories that you needed in starting to grow marijuana using selected grow lights and the type of growing medium. Before checking out, make sure that everything is included in the deal.

Benefits of Having a Cannabis Grow Kit

Complete setup. The marijuana grow kit has a complete growing setup. All the needed pieces of equipment are already included. The basic types of equipment you can see includes the fan as well as  filters used in regulating ventilation to have a quality air, the grow lights plus a reflective inner lining to improve light intensity. Some marijuana grow kits may also have other types of equipment like pumps, timers, some nutrients, pH adjusters and selected grow media.

Cost-effective. For starter or just a small garden, getting marijuana grow tent kits is very good to start with when it comes to financial issues. In the beginning, marijuana grow kit may be expensive, but if you will add the price of each piece of equipment it could be more than how much the kit is commonly offered.

Low risk. Setting and just starting up your marijuana garden indoor could be a risky business. If you are a novice grower you might encounter a lot of problems like if the grow tent, or grow lights, and even cooling system and the other components would match each other. While all the components that come with the marijuana grow kits are already pre-selected by seasoned growers who have studied and experimented and know that all equipment complement each other.

Optimal light and space balance. Weed grow kits also contains tents which has an exact size to maximize internal reflectivity of light and that it fits small spaces.

Controlled environment. In a weed grow tent kit makes it easy controlling as well as adjusting the conditions because it has a small space. The lighting, temperature, and humidity plus the ventilation can be easily manipulated in an enclosed environment.

Discreet. Another major advantage of having a cannabis grow kit is that it can conceal the plants you are growing far from prying eyes.

Odorless. Cannabis growing releases a more pungent smell compared to other plants. Most of the marijuana grow tents includes a built-in carbon filters to remove odors. So, your apartment is safe from the smell.

Low maintenance. The marijuana kit needs less maintenance compared to a grow room. The only equipment you needed is a single, and compact tent and it is mostly automated. Using a weed grow kit makes it simpler to monitor the plant and correct problems. This means less checking; less disturbance thus enhances growth.

Insulated. The tent helps the plants keeps safe from pests and bugs out. It also keeps the light in and out when needed. When needed the lights on, the reflective interior improves the lights and at the same time, it avoids the light from escaping. And when needed the lights off, the tent avoids any outside light to come through.


A weed growing kit is the best way to start your indoor cannabis growing. There are a lot of trusted and reputable sellers and retailers selling weed growing kit that suits every budget. Just make sure not to compromise quality over the price.