What are Grow Stones for Marijuana

What are Grow Stones for Marijuana

Okay, so you’ve heard about the most popular choice of cannabis growing medium with hydroponics.

You simply need a mixture of perlite, Coco Coir, and Hydroton.

But what are grow stones?

Growstones are well-known among professional gardeners from all over the world.

Large-scale tomato growers have been also spreading the benefits of grow stones for getting amazing crops.

In fact, if lava rocks were considered the Holy Grail of excellent growing mediums for a broad range of plants, nowadays grow stones are tremendously raising in popularity.

And that’s for some good reasons!

As it turns out, those new superstars are quickly paving their way into the hearts of cannabis cultivators, as well.

It’s high time to catch up on this awesome innovation.

Keep reading to find out all the essentials you need to know.

What Makes Grow Stones Unique?

Grow stones are one-of-a-kind for more than one reason.

First off, they are made up of entirely recycled material. That material is glass.

But why glass?

Apart from being recycle-friendly, glass allows multiple holes to be poked within each grow stone. That makes grow stones highly porous.

As excess water quickly drains away, growstones can hold up more fresh air than any other growing medium.

The high percentage of fresh air creates a perfect environment for the roots of the plants.

More air means better oxygenation, healthy plants and vigorous growth with an increased resistance to possible diseases and even pests.

After all, no plant can grow strong and healthy without healthy and strong roots.

Apart from the porous structure, growstones leave literally no place for any weed seeds or mold spores to be left behind.

Ultimately, glass is lightweight and reusable, as well as it has no potential to shelter any tiny living creatures, which might contaminate or attack your crops.

Who can Benefit from Growstones?

Each of us, marijuana growers, utilizing hydroponics, can greatly benefit by the use of grow stones. And here is exactly how you and your plants can benefit, too.

Keeping Roots Evenly Moist

Growstones have some super cool tricks hiding in their sleeves.

My personal favorite is how they can pull up moisture well above the water line.

When saying well above, I mean about 15 cm on an average!

If you are using a Continuous Flow or Ebb and Flow setup, then you already can guess what this unique feature brings.

You simply need to add less water since the roots will be equally and evenly moist without having to get soaking wet.

Easy Transition from Veg to Flowering Nutrients

Switching from vegetation nutrient feeding regimen to flowering-in-bloom nutrient schedules hides many potential risks for less experienced hydroponic growers.

Though nobody is really immune against possible issues, due to the sensitive transitioning from one phase to another and adjusting the nutrients properly.

The trick is pretty simple.

Growstones are much drier than any other growing medium.

Thus, it gets easier to make changes to the nutrient levels with a better success rate, paving your way to stealthy cannabis crops.

Lessen the Chances for Root Rot

Pfew, the nasty root rot with hydroponics! I don’t know about you, but this is sure one of my nightmares.

Root rot stinks!

And it makes your plants very weak and susceptible to damage, decreasing the sweet rewards upon harvesting.

It’s again due to the dryness which comes from good drainage and aeration with growstones that lowers chances of root rot.

Better Nutrients Absorption Rate

Okay, I won’t get bored to repeat this, and I am pretty sure you will appreciate this later.

Even once you finish this article, I hope you will remember the core superpowers of growstones.

After all, you may just help other people make the best choice for themselves when you are well-informed.

So here’s what you need to remember.

Growstones provide ultimate drainage and aeration simultaneously.

And so with that uncomparable quick dryness of growstones, nutrients simply get absorbed much better by the plants.

With that in mind, you can easily increase the amount of nutrients you feed to your green beauties without compromising their well-being.

As a result, you’ll achieve a sustainable increase in both yields and the speed of growth. A total win-win.

One little-known benefit of growstones is the content of Silica.

Silica is all natural and is found to be extremely favored by marijuana plants. It is shown to improve the resistance against disease, pests, and rot.

Although relatively small in amount, it still acts as an added bonus for utilizing grow stones.

Meanwhile, any grow stones which you find in excess after adjusting your growing medium can be utilized for traditional soil growing, as well.

Just add them to any soil mix you are preparing for your garden crops to ensure your plants will get proper aeration and to increase drainage to optimum rates.

Now, at the final, I bet you are no longer wondering what are grow stones.
Instead, I hope you found the answers to your possible questions and learned the basics about the benefits of grow stones.

And if so, don’t leave without sharing and/or hitting the Like button.

Your support keeps us going; for the love of making cannabis cultivation easy and accessible!

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