What are Smart Pots for Weed

Smart pot is an important piece of growing equipment that a cannabis grower want to invest, along with the other medium you need to put your marijuana plants in. What are smart pots for weed? These are specially designed pots that promise high-quality product. The amount of the end product depends on the health of your plant right from the beginning. In this article, learn why you need to use smart pots.

Why Choose the Right Container

Your final yield is directly affected and it can be significantly reduced by a number of various conditions made by the pots where your cannabis plants are cultivated. Stunted growth is a big concern that is affected by the kind of pots you use. This normally happens when the moisture level is not consistent with the growing medium you use. They are either too dry or too wet.

Overheating of cannabis plants in any given stage of growth could also slow down maturation. This results in slow growth as well as decreased yield. Plants with roots that are abnormally stopped growing because of its growing environment, do not have the capacity to absorb enough nutrients for proper growth. Root cramping or binding causes stress to the marijuana plants, leading to lower yields.

In order to get a good yield, in the end, proper growth and development lie in the roots of your marijuana plants. Choosing the right pot comes into the picture. The concept is to pick the pots that will provide the best environment that is possible a pot can offer. The roots are the heart of the plant, they need to be healthy to get the nutrients to come and go in order to grow.

Smart Pots or Fabric Containers

A smart pot is made of hard fabric. It is a squat wide cloth container that eliminated location and space issues because these fabric containers make it possible for the plant to grow in a small space.

What are smart pots for weed? These types of pots are broad so it will require some room to set them up. When growing indoors, proper drainage needs to be considered. It acts as a catch basin of the water that runs off. Without it, a workaround is putting a large tray underneath the pots.

More Oxygen to the Roots

Growing mediums normally dries up from the sides. Smart pots make avoid overwatering of cannabis plants. But it also means watering more often as needed. Smart pots avoid plants from getting root bound by air pruning.

Since smart pots dry out faster as compared to regular marijuana containers, it is advisable to get a size twice the size you would normally get. The recommended size should be at least a 5-gallon container because anything smaller than that size could dry out in just a day or two. You will also need an extra-large saucer or tray to catch runoff water because smart pots do not come with a saucer or tray and these pots seep out water from the sides.

Pros of Smart Pots

  1. Smart pots are great if you are growing large cannabis plants. Smart pots sport a wide base which makes them very stable. This is the reason they come in huge sizes, and you can get ones that hold 600+ gallons.
  2. Roots are oxygenated. One of the benefits of growing using a hydroponic medium compared to the soil is the increased oxygen to the roots. But using a Smart Pot provides oxygen boost using a soil medium.
  3. Prevents root binding. Many containers grown with marijuana plant had developed a few large roots which grow in circles. Smart pot helps fibrous branching roots which will not choke up the plant.

Cons of Smart Pots

  1. They require space. Most Smart Pots are typically wider compared to regular pots or other planting containers, Smart Pots takes up more floor space.
  2. No drip trays. Since Smart Pots do not have drip trays you will need to have drainage in place or place a tray or saucer underneath them.
  3. A bit hard to transplant, relocate, or move. The fabric makes transplanting marijuana plant challenge. When moving the pots, cracks may form around the edges. It is always best to use Smart Pots as final containers.
  4. Frequent watering is required. This type of containers dries out faster compared to other types of marijuana pots, so use a larger container and make sure to water them frequently.

What Happy Marijuana Roots Want

  1. Roots need moist all the time because roots will die when they dry out. Good and regular watering practices plus amazing growing medium will enable the roots to never dry out.
  2. Getting enough oxygen. The roots breathe oxygen too, so the best thing you can do for your plant is to make sure they have access to a lot of oxygen because of the more oxygen to the roots, the faster the plants grow.
  3. Getting the right nutrients. The marijuana plants find nutrients using their roots, delivering them to the rest of the plant and making sure the plants have easy access to the nutrients that will help your plants survive and produce buds.
  4. Managing pH level. There are some nutrients which are sensitive to the pH level of their environment. If exposed to the wrong pH, the molecular form actually changes. Nutrients that are in the wrong chemical form will be unavailable to your plant roots. While exposing the nutrients to the right pH change them back to a form your roots can absorb.

Final Thoughts

Just like choosing the seeds and the soil, picking the right pots for your marijuana garden is also essential since they will define the roots of the plants which plays a very important role in their growth and development. The roots are the entrance and the carrier of the nutrients and water of the plants. If these roots are not comfortable in its place, it may not function to its fullest and the plant as a whole will suffer.

As everyone knows, natural form of anything is good for everyone even plants. What are smart pots for weed? As compared to plastic pots, smart pots are highly recommended because they are recyclable and biodegradable.