Where to Buy Seeds in NYC

Where to Buy Seeds in NYC

Are you wondering where to buy seeds in New York?

If so, I truly hope my experience with New York cannabis seeds can help you out to make the best decision.

The Truth about Cannabis Industry in the US

For a start, I’ve been growing my own green medication for more than 6 years now.

When I finally packed my bags for a trip to New York, I was more than excited to put my hands on some delicious seeds and enjoy my crops.

But as it turns out, things are not always what they appear to be on the surface.

Admittedly, I had very high expectations about the quality of marijuana seeds in the USA.

And especially since New York is the heart of so many mixed cultures and numerous opportunities. That just raised the bar of my expectations even higher.

I had grown 2 NYC diesel crops before (got these two as a present).

So I was pretty convinced I know what to do to make the most of local NYC diesel beauties once I get back home.

But what went wrong, after all?

The Big Dilemma: Where to Buy Seeds in New York

Recent surveys point out that almost every person in New York has used marijuana at least once in his life.

However, cannabis legalization is still under debate.

Thus, you cannot possibly buy any seeds straight from a qualified shop anywhere in New York.

The greatest chance for spending your money on some decent seeds in NY is by choosing a reliable online retailer (or if you are extremely lucky to have a close friend who is a skilled local breeder).

Apart from that, I don’t really believe there is a way to get super top notch quality seeds in most of the US.

But after all, nobody owns the Internet.

As a result, even though still illegal, marijuana cultivation is blooming behind the curtains of social courtesy.

While I was in NYC, I got some amazingly tasty and potent weed from a well-known local dealer.

Luckily, he was a rare-to-find painfully honest dude. So he painted me the picture of what happens if I buy seeds from him.

As soon as ya brought the seeds home,you get impatient to germinate them and brag on your yummy NYC crops. By then you end up with 40% yields less, than what you can actually get.

Potency and flavor? Shitty,too.

So why would I make you buy seeds from me? NYC is a place you can find some of the best weed, boo but not that easy to find good seeds at all.

I ain’t no breeder.

The best breeders I know also buy their parent seeds online.

You’re a tourist here but I don’t want to treat you like one and try to make you spend more money so I can earn extra cash. We are marijuana savages; we are brothers.

Of course, I might have missed conveying the dialogue we had word by word. But at least I know I have transmuted the essence.

The Quick Solution: Why it’s Better to Opt for Seeds by a Reputable Seed Bank

Well, the moral of the story is pretty much summed up with this quick solution: choose seeds from a reputable seed bank.

Those who are dedicating their time and knowledge for developing an online marijuana seeds delivery will be absolutely concerned about providing the consumers with top quality goods.

After all, who would repeat buying anything if he/she is not satisfied with the gains?

So just one year later, I corrected my initial mistake and ordered my Nyc Diesel beauties seeds by a seed bank, operating online.

When ordering online, just make sure you check if the company you choose ships your order in a discreet package.

Most of the reputable seed banks do have this feature mentioned on their site.

When it comes to the yields, with my first NYC diesel random seeds I got 3.4 oz per sq.ft vs. 5.6 oz per sq.ft. by my seed bank seeds.

But the flavor and potency were dimensions strikingly better.

I rank these in my personal top 5 of the tastiest, smoothest marijuana strains I’ve ever had the pleasure to indulge in.

After a tiny bit of research, it wasn’t hard to find how are this potency and flavor possible.

New York, Cannabis Seeds & Real Life: Final Food for Thought

There is a beautiful and deep culture of cannabis cultivation, which reveals gradually the more experienced you become.

It all starts with the seeds, bud-buddies.

Everything we are looking for as marijuana patients, aficionados, hobby-growers or professional growers – it is all encoded within the seed.

Think about us, human beings, and the genetics we get born with.

Professional and reputable seed banks are focused on making the genetics of each marijuana strain bloom.

The growing methods we apply afterward as growers will always do better when dealing with strong genetics.

There is a GIGANTIC difference between a marijuana grower, focused on selling marijuana; and a cannabis breeder focused on offering seeds and breeding strains.

It’s so simple it hurts! That’s why I love life.

So next time you are wondering where to buy seeds in NYC, I hope the story I shared with you makes you smile; but also to help you make the most well-informed choice for yourself.