10 Big Marijuana Growing Mistakes that Growers Should Avoid

how to grow weedCannabis seeds can be a very delicate plant to grow. Most especially if you are just a newbie when it comes to growing marijuana, one must be able to be up for the challenge that the method on how to grow weed is not a very superficial task. Even the most experienced cannabis growers become victims to the common pitfalls that are being experienced by growers of marijuana. The usual tendency these growers make is that they become gradually negligent and they would stop being attentive to taking and growing marijuana the right way. In effect, they would end up having a major harvest failure in marijuana plants that you would even wonder that maybe you have indeed lost the right knack on how to grow weed in its most effective way possible.

In order to produce the best cannabis strain, one must be able to be keen enough to avoid the following pitfalls most marijua

na growers make that would soon become the cause of the failure of their marijuana plants to be harvested in its most fit condition.

Too much water kills

Indeed, too much of anything is not good. This also applies on how to grow weed. In order to avoid over watering your marijuana plant, it is best to use the method of pot lifting so as to provide you a right indication on the best time for you to water your cannabis.


It may feel quite a fulfillment to have shared your excitement that you are actually growing marijuana. While the laws are much looser in Canada, it is still best to be prudent in your announcement and just plain keep it to yourself that you are growing them. Besides, it may be old wives’ tale but it is always safe to not do it so as not to, accordingly, spoil your endeavor.

Lax Germination

One should not be lazy when germinating. It may take a while but it is very well worth it in the end.

Bag seed growing

It is always best to trust the effective method. It is best to buy from qualified seed banks.

Limit on fertilizers

There are crucial elements on how to grow weed and among this is the fertilizer. However, yet again, too much of this will just give you a low quality strain that is less resistant to outside factors.

Too Much Fertilizer

This may be contradicting to the previous point but the point here is to always make sure to give just the right amount of fertilizer in order to provide the most effective results.

Cloning is a bad start

While it is true that cloning can help, it is not best to start with it. Always start with real cannabis seeds so as to provide better harvest.

Starting too early

Timing is everything especially in growing marijuana. Don’t be too early in vegetating or cultivating your cannabis so as to produce the highest yields.

Bad environment

Always ensure to provide a healthy environment for the cannabis to grow.

Haste in harvest

It can be tempting but always wait for the buds to be in its full harvest timing before you chop them down.

Those are just some of the many mistakes that any marijuana grower should avoid. If you want to know more, you might want to check out the growing marijuana eBook which was created by Ryan Riley. Click here to check it out.