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From reviews of marijuana strains to marijuana seed companies that have weed seeds for sale – this website covers it all. We only publish the information based on our years of marijuana growing experience, research, and expertise.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert marijuana grower, this is the website for you. It is an outlet for our years of expertise in growing marijuana. We hope that you can get some helpful information about growing marijuana here.

Who are we?

We are a group of 3 medical marijuana growers who have been growing weed together for quite some time now.

We’ve been actively involved in the marijuana industry for over a decade now. We know how it takes to be taking pharmaceutical medications that don’t actually work. It only makes your health and financial status worse. We’re tired of buying those meds and we decided to just go for the natural medicine which is cannabis.

We are not representing any country or company out there. What we do here is to try to help you get access to the “GIFT of NATURE” by giving you some pieces of advice on growing marijuana and marijuana products reviews that will surely make your life better. You’ll find that some of our reviews are scathing and unforgiving. But what is true must be said. Enjoy!


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Why Grow your Own Marijuana Plants?

Growing marijuana is not like growing tomatoes because it takes space, money and time before you see some results. Aside from that, it is also risky especially when your grow is to be compliant with the current regulations in your state or country’s policies on marijuana. Worse is when you are growing in a country or state where marijuana is illegal.

If you are in a legal state then you can buy your weed from a local dispensary which is quick and reliable and if you are in a country or state where weed is not legal then you can buy it from an underground source (not reliable though), so why should you grow your own anyway?

Well, there are a lot of reasons for doing so and we would like to discuss on the three most important factors.


You can save money if you grow your own marijuana plants.

Growing marijuana is costly for the first time. If you calculate your cost on supplies like water, light, soil, grow box or tents, marijuana seeds or clones, and other materials needed – the initial investment could reach up to a few thousand dollars. Add all of those to the time and effort in educating yourself on how to grow marijuana then it’s really a serious move if you look at it.

However, that initial investment is actually worth it because you can save a lot of money along the way because you don’t have to buy your weed from your source again and again. These sources sometimes over price their weed. You are actually giving yourself a favor of saving a lot of money by growing your own marijuana with quality that you are sure of.

A single marijuana plant has a potential of giving you a $2500 – $5000 worth of harvest. You can get your initial investment as soon as you harvest your first plants. It might be that your first try isn’t that successful but for sure the next grows will be.

The average price for a quarter-ounce of weed in Colorado for instance is $70. You can actually get 8 ounces minimum per plant of an autoflowering strain (easy and quick to grow) grown indoors which means that a single plant is worth $2240 with a total spending of less than $500 on seeds, soil, and other supplies. If your grow area can accommodate 5 plants then imagine how much money you are saving or you are making.

Growing marijuana isn’t easy during the first time but trust us that you will get the feel of it along the way.

It’s fun and rewarding!


Buying your weed from a local supplier either a dispensary or an underground source is not as reliable with the weed that you are growing in the comforts of your home. You are sure of the quality and you are sure that you never run out of supply ever again. Never will you have to get out of stock when you need it the most.

Dispensaries have quality checks from authorities but you’re still not 100% sure of that because they always find ways on how they can make money from you. It’s a business thing, you know!

Unlimited Supply of Medicine

Forget about the middle man. Ditch the dealer. Get your hands dirty and grow your own marijuana. Never will you have to run out of medicine. And… never will you have to take the deadly over-priced pharmaceutical medications.

Growing Marijuana – How to do it?

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Feel free to browse our website to learn how to grow marijuana.

However, if you are interested in knowing more about the science of growing marijuana, we recommend that you check the growing book below.

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We would be happy to hear from you regarding your growing cannabis experience whether you are have been growing for years or you are just starting up. Please contact us if you have anything for us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.