All You Need To Know About Growing Marijuana with LED Lights

Planning your Marijuana Grow RoomGrowing indoors has limitations especially on some nutrients such as a light source. That is why choosing the right light source to supply the right amount of intensity and light to your marijuana plants is important. One of the options that marijuana growers have is to growing marijuana with LED lights. It could be any electric light source that can supply the light to your marijuana plants. There are consideration that you have to know first before considering using LED lights. Here are some of those points that you need to take into account about LED lights.

How to Use LED Lights

You will get better results if you use LED lights with smaller LED panels than using a few big LED panels. This is because more panels can make it easier for you to spread the light to where it is needed. When it comes to growing marijuana, LED models with 2 W or 3 W chipsets are found to get the best yields of all LED models without that much worry about your plants. When you are looking into LEDs, look at the actual power draw or actual power consumption which is the amount of electricity the LED panel actually pulls from the wall.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Growing Marijuana with LED Lights

  • LEDs uses lower energy consumptions running at approximately 60% of an equivalent HID light.
  • LEDs do not have any filament to burn so they have longer bulb times of 50,000 to 60,000 hours compared to HIDs which start decreasing output considerable at 2,000 to 3,000 hours.
  • They are smaller and faster to emit light and are more durable so they are relatively shock resistant being solid state components.
  • LEDs are more expensive for beginner marijuana growers compared to HID but they are cheaper considering maintenance and long-term use.
  • They can be dimmed if required.
  • LEDs have less heat output. In fact, the good LEDs can run cold while HIDs goes really hot. They can potentially reduce the risk of having a fire.

Avoiding Problems with LEDs

  • LEDs can cause a discoloration on the marijuana leaves which may make them look like they have nutrient deficiencies even if they are supplied with the right amount of nutrients. This is very common during the flowering or budding stage.
  • There’s no one distance that LED lights should be from the tops of your plants. Each type of light has their own set of specification to be set in the grow room. You can ask the manufacturer how far the light should be from your plants.
  • Observe your marijuana plants when using LEDs. Any discoloration or unusual changes in your plants can mean there is something wrong with how the LED lights are placed and their distance from your marijuana plants. Growing marijuana with LED lights, even with its numerous advantages, also needs a lot of consideration and factors in order to do it right.