Why You Should Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

Autoflowering-Cannabis-SeedsAutoflowering cannabis plants are one type of marijuana that are made to grow flowers faster than the regular marijuana seed. The flowering stage of this seed occurs earlier than expected from the normal growth cycle of a marijuana plant. Compared to other marijuana seeds, auto-flowering marijuana seeds can grow with the minimum amount of light that is supplied to them. Regular marijuana seeds depend on the amount of light that is supplied for their growth. They even have a certain time frame as to how many hours they are required to be supplied with light and how many hours they should be kept in the dark. The growth cycle of an auto-flowering marijuana plant would depend on its maturity. If it’s mature enough, it will grow flowers and you could later on harvest them for use.

Advantages of Autoflowering Canabis

You can harvest more buds per year – Since auto-flowering plants are able to grow faster, you are also able to produce more marijuana plants, thus, harvesting more. After a batch of plants have already been harvested, you are able to do another batch again. If you have scheduled your planting right, you will be able to harvest marijuana three times a year. For regular marijuana seeds, it will only allow for the grower to harvest only once a year. Since you are more dependent on the conditions especially on the light source of your marijuana plants, the growth of your regular marijuana plants are dependent on the time of the year.

They do not grow very tall – Auto-flowering plants may grow faster but their growth also has limits. Since they grow and mature faster than a regular marijuana plant, auto-flowering marijuana plants do not grow tall and stay small. You may not need that much space to grow your auto-flowering marijuana plants because of this trait.

Grows faster than a regular marijuana – If you use auto-flowering marijuana plants, you would be able to grow marijuana plants faster than the regular marijuana plant. They also have a very short flowering time because of their fast growth. You will be able to harvest your marijuana plants in 60 – 70 days.

Less susceptible to plant diseases and molds – Because of the influence of Cannabis ruderalis, most auto-flowering marijuana plants are resistant to plant diseases and growth of molds. Also, they are resistant to cold temperature.

Disadvantages of Autoflowering Cannabis

The plants produced from these kinds of seeds has low potency – One negative aspect of auto-flowering plants that might greatly affect the choice of the marijuana grower is the quality of marijuana that can be produced. It is found that auto-flowering marijuana plants produce less potent marijuana. That is, less % THC. The quality of marijuana that is produced is usually measured by the content of its major active ingredients such as THC. If you produce marijuana with has a low content of this desired component, then you have a low quality marijuana. The low potency of the auto-flowering marijuana plant may be compensated by the amount that can be harvested per year compared to that of regular marijuana.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds have low production yield – Since the auto-flowering plants do not grow big and tall, their yield is compromised. You will have smaller yields with auto-flowering marijuana plants.