Effects of Secondhand Marijuana Smoke

Meta Description: Not a smoker but exposed to marijuana smoke? Well, you better watch out because this might still affect you. Read on to find out more.

27551_large_Second_Hand_Smoke_WideThe smoke produced when someone else is smoking is as harmful as the smoke taken in by the one smoking. This is true even with cigarettes and tobaccos as well as marijuana smoking. There are some studies that show that second hand marijuana smoke, and any second hand smoke for that matter, is more harmful than the smoke taken in by the smoker. Many would wonder whether if you take in some of that second hand smoke, it would show up in your drug test. Also, many would wonder if what the effects are if you inhalesecond hand smoke. Here are some of the points that are relevant to this matter.

Will you get high when you inhale secondhand marijuana smoke?

Some studies show that when you inhale second hand smoke you will slightly feel the high that is experienced by marijuana users. They often call it “contact high” because you get high by inhaling the smoke when you come in contact with someone who smokes marijuana. The studies showed results that at extreme conditions, when a lot of smoke is blown directly to your face, you can feel the high and it may even show in your urine test. But this is not the normal case in real situations.

These studies show that small amounts of THC is exhaled to the air when a smoker exhales. It is so minute that even if there are about 4 marijuana smokers in one room for an hour, you wouldn’t get high. You need to be inside a room with 16 people smoking before you could even feel any high.

Can you be tested positive with marijuana when you inhale second hand marijuana smoke?

It is actually also not true. This is because the amount of THC exhaled by smokers is so low that it would take more smokers to inhale smoke from just to feel the high. In a study conducted in 2010, researchers measured the effect of second hand marijuana smoke on non-marijuana smokers. They were exposed to casual smokers for 3 hours. The blood and urine tests from the non-smokers tested positive of THC. But the amount is below the level at which it is considered a failed test. Another study is conducted that is very much similar to the results of this study. Having a positive result on the drug test is rare and that it is dependent on the number of hours that the person is exposed to.

What are the health effects of inhaling second hand marijuana smoke?

There is no definite answer to this yet. No findings have been seen yet under this aspect. But a recent study showed results on rats that second hand marijuana smoke can do damage to your heart and blood vessels as much as second hand tobacco smoke. But this study has not yet been tested on humans. Because there is no definite answer to this aspect yet, caution must be observed when you are in a room with a smoker.