Growing Marijuana in DIY Space Buckets

Now, there are better ways to grow marijuana and it only requires a smart homemade gadget which you would be using to grow your marijuana plant in. This is termed as the space bucket which is specially designed to nurture and take care of a cannabis plant.


If you are planning to grow your own marijuana plant, you can definitely make a DIY bucket so that you will have all the more freedom to grow your very own indoor marijuana. However, before one should proceed any further, it is important that the growers must be able to keep such plants to be bushy and short as it should possibly can so that it will be able to accommodate the growing of marijuana indoors. Thus, the first thing every grower must take into serious consideration is that such plant must be pruned, topped, and trained regularly. After which, one will be able to proceed growing marijuana through space buckets.

Space Buckets 101

For those who only know so little about growing marijuana in space buckets, one should know that such has a design which particularly caters the elements needed for the cannabis’ indoor survival. It is basically composed of two main parts, the main bucket and the light top. Each of these parts will be further explained in consonance with the benefits that it would bring to the cannabis plant when grown indoors.

  • Main bucket

This is practically the stage where the cannabis plant should be laid. The main bucket must be snug enough to fit the said plant. When finding a bucket, it must be big and sturdy enough to accommodate such plant. A power strip should be attached to it, preferably 12v which would facilitate ventilation and drainage.

  • Light top

It is highly recommended to use 100 watts of CFL for the light top. It must also be arranged in several configurations so that it will be able to have varying spectrums of cool white lights and warm white lights necessary for the marijuana plant’s survival.

Indeed, space buckets are very easy to create and it can be built in the comforts of your home as the materials requiring it are very accessible. It is low budgeted, simple, and it does not take up a lot of space. This is very much recommended for cannabis growers who want to grow their own marijuana at home primarily for medical purposes.

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