Growing Marijuana with Coco Coir and CFL

Even beginners can grow their own marijuana indoors by using coco coir as the growing medium and CFL as lighting.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Marijuana Seeds or Clones – of course.
  • High-Quality Hydroponic Nutrients Which Are Designed For Marijuana – Search online to see which are good. Fox Farms Hydroponic Liquid Nutrient trio is a good choice.
  • Pots – choose 2-3 gallon sized pots.
  • Coco coir – you can buy these at hydroponic garden stores and online. You can opt for a soilless mix that has coco coir and perlite in it.
  • CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Lights) and Light Sockets – get at least two 40w bulbs per plant. Most electronic and lighting stores have these or you can purchase them online.
  • Timer – this will be used to turn your light on and off. This one is optional. You can manually turn the lights on and off and you won’t be needing it until about a month after planting.
  • pH Control Kit – to make sure water pH level is around pH 5-6.
  • Grow Tent or Box – check out hydroponic shops for these.

Getting started:

  1. Fill up the pots with coco coir and water it until it drains out the bottom before adding your seeds or clones. You can line the bottom of the pot with perlite for extra drainage.
  2. Set up your lights, they should begin right at plant level but ready to be raised in the future.
  3. Cover everything up with the grow tent.
  4. Research on watering schedule, vegetative period and flowering stages, and harvesting depending on your variety. Grow plants accordingly.
  5. Don’t forget to take notes about the whole process especially if you’re a beginner. Your notes will help you improve your plants in the future.

There are plenty of guides and tips online if you’ve never tried hydroponic gardening before or if you’re new to growing your own weed. This method is affordable and easy to start even for beginners and it will give you your desired results in around 3 – 4 months and you get high quality buds because of the hydroponic method. It’s also a great way for growing in a confined space and if discretion is a high priority. This method also works well with any strain of marijuana. Also, when you decide to upgrade in the future, you can still use this setup by for germinating and vegetating your plants by converting it into a dedicated vegetative chamber.