How to Choose a Marijuana Seed Strain to Grow

In purchasing marijuana seeds, careful consideration should be done.

Choosing which marijuana strain to consider from the massive amount of marijuana plants out there could be overwhelming. You have to ponder on the following questions first before trying to grow one.

choosing your marijuana strain

Do you need to have a rigid how to grow weed indoors or outdoors training before you can grow them?

Of course, indoor growing marijuana will give you more control over the surrounding environment. Outdoor marijuana growing, on the other hand, will leave your chances to fate. Indoor marijuana growing will require pieces of equipment that are nothing else but expensive, while outdoor marijuana growing will depend on the weather.

With all these, you have to know what skills are needed and ask yourself if you are ready to grow that kind of strain.

What kind of weed would you like to grow?

Of course you should know the kind of strain that you would like to grow. Each strain has its own unique characteristic. Not all strains are perfect for you so you have to make sure that you know what to expect from them. Or if you want surprises like flavors and yield then go for it. But make sure that you know how to grow them or else you will be wasting your money and time because at the  end you are not successful because you don’t know what you are doing.

Will you prefer to be “knocked of your feet” or what?

There are two kinds of “high” smoking marijuana could give: great pleasure or surprise from Indica; and tipsiness from Sativa. The former can make you sleepy or “couch-locked,” while the latter could energize and uplift.

Will it be potent?

Every marijuana strain results in different effects. And these could be mellow, happy, paranoid, and thought-provoking. It would be wise to investigate first.

Will you be willing to spend?

A marijuana strain could cost as little as $20 for 10 seeds only to as much as $150 for five.

Aside from the $$ that you will be spending for some high quality marijuana seeds, you will be spending your time and effort too so you should be ready for it. Lazy guys won’t succeed in growing weed. If you are a beginner, then you would need to learn how to grow weed. You can find the info somewhere but if you don’t want to get confused and make your life easier in learning how to grow weed, then you might want to grab yourself a growing marijuana ebook.

Will they be your source of income?

A marijuana strain could produce the most “amazing” marijuana buds, resulting in numerous yields and above average goods which you can sell and make money from. I’m not encouraging you to do so but there are a lot of people who are selling marijuana. The seeds, however, will cost you but it is worth your investment.

Will your neighbors complain?

A marijuana plant could smell. So take note if its smell and odor would be a problem in your area. Well, if you are growing indoors you can actually control the odor of your marijuana plants. You can read about controlling marijuana odors in my previous post “Planning your Marijuana Grow Room“.

The article talks about how to prepare your own grow room and I discussed a little about how you can control the odor. Odor control detailed discussion and steps can be found in the ebook of Ryan Riley.

Will you be able to grow it?

Look over into the journals of your growing marijuana strain. Find out some how to grow weed tips from growers who maintained theirs and discover how they managed their yield. They could have used this medium, light, and nutrition.

Each strain is unique. Some are easy to grow while others are hard. It is wise that you check if the strain is easy to grow or not before buying seeds.

Will you benefit from marijuana seed banks?

There could be freebies from marijuana seed banks themselves. Some will send out free marijuana seeds together with your order. Some may send T-Shirts and other freebies.

Hold on! I have some growing marijuana tips:

Here “secrets” on how to grow weed and produce star quality buds.

You just have to:

(1) master the basics in growing marijuana

(2) start with top-shelf genetics

(3) maintain 50%-60% humidity, and

(4) keep on learning.

Plants—such as marijuana—“need to make it through their life-cycle without major problems.” Nutrient burn, nutrition deficiency, and heat stress won’t kill them but they can damage the overall appearance of the buds. Reading books and guides on marijuana growing, then, could help you reap the best yields of marijuana ever!

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Happy Growing!