Indoor Marijuana Growing- Air, Temperature and Humidity

MarijuanaHow to grow marijuana plants that will give you the best possible results in terms of yield and quality of the buds will entail you to set up a kind of indoor garden that is designed and prepared well to produce healthy plants. To be successful in any weed growing activity, do not just know and understand the basics of how to grow cannabis but instead, identify other factors that can affect marijuana’s growth such as air, temperature and humidity.

Light and water are the basic needs of marijuana so you need to ensure that there is water and electrical supply. Whether you will be growing the plants in home-built boxes, old cabinet or in a large room, it is essential that you design your grow area in a way that plants would be able to receive the right amount of water, light and air.

Air Circulation

sb10067980b-001Carbon dioxide helps fuel photosynthesis, resulting to faster growth of cannabis plants. Adding more carbon dioxide in the grow room will allow the plants to tolerate more heat. Fresh air within an indoor grow space will help supply the marijuana plants with the level of CO2 needed. Adding CO2 will give you healthier marijuana plants. Since the plants use a lot of carbon dioxide, it is recommended that you install a fan to produce a good airflow and prevent stagnant air inside. As part of the grow room design, consider how much air is needed by the marijuana plants. Installing a good ventilation system and an exhaust fan will create good air circulation.

Temperature Control

temperature-conversionStress on the cannabis plants can make them turn into hermaphrodites, resulting to smaller yields of low quality buds. Temperature control is essential if you want to get the best results in growing marijuana. In knowing how to grow healthy marijuana plants, do not overlook other important factors such as humidity, ventilation and temperature. Temperature that is too hot or too cold is not good for the plants. Keep track of the temperature in the grow room using a digital thermometer. Supply the grow room with fresh air using fans. This will also help regulate the temperature.

Controlling Humidity

images (1)Based on the experience of some marijuana growers, high level of humidity is good during the early stage of growing but could be detrimental when the plants are already flowering. The requirement for humidity can vary, depending on the stage of marijuana’s growth. In the vegetative growth, some growers would like the relative humidity range at 65%-75%. During the flowering phase, humidity level is usually kept under 60%. Getting a quality dehumidifier is one of the most effective ways of controlling humidity in the grow room. A dehumidifier will help prevent the cannabis plants from being affected by molds and mildew. It’s a good investment for any marijuana indoor garden. Aside from dehumidifier, you can also use high-powered exhaust fans to keep humidity within the standard range. If an exhaust fan is chosen to control humidity, it is good to have an atmospheric controller with a humidity setting to make sure that the grow room gets exhausted if the level of humidity is not at the standard level.