Indoor Marijuana Lighting- MH and HPS

marijuana-lampsTo get the biggest possible yield of high quality marijuana buds is not just simply knowing the basics and advanced methods of how to grow weed. Various factors are to be considered such as water supply, humidity level, temperature and lighting system. One of the most common types of artificial lights used for indoor pot growing is the HID lights or high intensity discharge lights. This type of light is proven and tested to grow marijuana plants producing great yield. Metal halides (MH) and high pressure sodium (HPS) are the two kinds of HID lights. With the use of both, you can expect high yield. This has been used by many for years to grow healthy marijuana plants. Due to electricity costs and set-up, this is recommended for serious cannabis growers. Setting up these kinds of lights will require a bit of time, money and effort.

Choosing the best light option and knowing its pros and cons is very important if you want to know how to grow weed plants that produce high yield of quality and potent buds. Many growers are starting out with the use of metal halides for the vegetative stage and then switch to the use of high pressure sodium lamps during the bud production. When using HID lights (MH and HPS), remember that the ballast and the kind of bulb to be used should match. For 4 to 12 marijuana plants, the use of 400 and 600 watt bulb/ballast is suitable. This is more practical to use if you are on a small-scale marijuana growing.

In using metal halides and high pressure sodium, the following are necessary:

  • bulb
  • ballast to control the flow of electricity going to the lamp
  • hood which acts as a reflector and works by reflecting the light so it would be focused on the plants. It will also help in controlling and properly exhausting heat
  • exhaust or ventilation system to draw out heat from the grow room


  • it is easy to maintain once set-up
  • it can help growers get the biggest possible yield when metal halides is used in combination with hps
  • MH emits the blue spectrum which is excellent for the vegetative stage and HPS emits the red spectrum which is needed for flowering
  • MH will help promote the healthy growth of green leaves, stems and branches. HPS is perfect for flowering since it emits the optimal light spectrum needed by the cannabis plants during this stage. Also, HPS can be used throughout the different stages of marijuana’s growth.


  • it requires a ballast and a hood because it cannot be plugged into a regular socket
  • it produces more heat so an exhaust system may be necessary. The grow room will most likely needed to be set up with fans and ducting to vent out heat inside the room
  • has an expensive initial cost and used more electricity compared to other marijuana grow lights
  • since it generates more heat, it is ideal for indoor grow area with bigger space

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