Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Review

Sour-DieselSour Diesel or Sour D is a Sativa-dominant plant that has a strong, diesel-like smell. This strain gives an instant energizing, dreamy cerebral high which made it as a heroic marijuana strain. It gives a long-lasting relief to pain, stress, and depression, making it as one of the most recommended medical cannabis plants.

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Its effect has taken the seat in the Sativa group, but its origins are still unknown. According to the growing expert, Ed Rosenthal, this strain is the result of the Mexican Sativa and Chemo mixture. Others say that it came from the Northern Lights, Chemdawg 91 and a mysterious Skunk phenotype.

Specifications of Sour Diesel

Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period: 10-12 weeks
Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
Yield: 474-600g/m2
Stone: Clean and Euphoric
THC Level: 15-20%
Height: 90-200cm
Growing Difficulty: Easy-Moderate

Special Features of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is popular because of its medical benefits. This strain is effective in relieving stress, anxiety and pain. Though there are some users claiming that it helps them ease the symptoms of chronic pains.

This strain has 20% of THC. It means that it is one of its active ingredients.

As the leaves and buds grow, its color is starting to change. If the color of the strain becomes deep purple, it means that is ready for harvest in just a few weeks. You will know that it’s ready when the color turns to pink.

This has a strong sour aroma that uplifts and improves the mood of the user.

The flavor of this strain has a strong, diesel-like taste with the hint of Skunk.

The high lasts for a long time, but a deep, relaxing feeling will follow after the buzz. Physicians in California prescribe this to their patients who suffer from fibromyalgia, chronic pain, edema, and epilepsy.


Sour Diesel is pretty hard to grow, which is why new and amateur growers should not dare plant this strain. This strain is ideal for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. But if you want to get better yields, you have to plant the seeds indoors. Furthermore, you should give them proper ventilation, the right soil pH, hydration and lighting if you want to get good results.

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