What Are The Best Types of Medical Marijuana For Depression

Meta Description: Marijuana is known for its medicinal properties. One of these is to treat those who are experiencing depression. Get to know the marijuana strains for depression here.

BERKELEY, CA - MARCH 25: One-ounce bags of medicinal marijuana are displayed at the Berkeley Patients Group March 25, 2010 in Berkeley, California. California Secretary of State Debra Bowen certified a ballot initiative late Wednesday to legalize the possession and sale of marijuana in the State of California after proponents of the measure submitted over 690,000 signatures. The measure will appear on the November 2 general election ballot. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Marijuana is known for its medical properties. It actually was originally used as an herbal medicine many, many years ago. None of them really knew what it can do exactly, but all they know is that, it can heal them of their sickness. Years passed and marijuana gained a new reputation as an addictive drug. But many still recognizes its use as a medicine. Marijuana is used to treat depression. To know which strains to use to treat your depression, here are some of the medical marijuana for depression.


Medical Marijuana for Depression


  1. Jack Herer–This marijuana strain is a sativa type of strain. It is named after one of the most influential marijuana activists of our generation. Jack Herer is a mix of Haze and Red Skunk and will flower at around 56 days of growing. It can be relaxing and stimulating at the same time, letting you experience the best of both worlds. It has high levels of limonene and pinene which are terpenes that can enhance the mood and focus.
  2. Green Crack (or Green Dragon) – this strain is popular in America being named by Snoop Dogg himself. This is also a sativa type of marijuana strain. Studies have shown that this marijuana strain can cause a brain effect that induces creative energy and no fatigue.
  3. Amnesia Haze – This is popular for its high potential to provide relaxation to the mind. You can expect a tasty high from this strain. It has a flowering time at around 63 – 70 days of the growing cycle. Amnesia Haze, as its name suggests, can put you off and give your mind some time to rest and be able to recuperate.
  4. Harlequin–This marijuana strain has a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. It can give the user a clear head as well as a relief from their depression. The CBD content of this strain can help negate the tendency of the THC to induce anxiety. So if you are prone to nerves, then this strain is for you.
  5. Sweet Island Skunk – this strain is also considered one of the best marijuana strains to treat depression. It has a fruity, tropical yet pungent strain around. Its genetics can be traced from a 70 % cannabis sativa blend of Skunk #1 and one unknown strain.
  6. Blue Dream – blue dream is a marijuana plant that has a high yield. This is predominantly a sative type of marijuana strain. It can uplift the mind and ease any tension, anxiety and stress that you are feeling. It can grow fast with 65 – 70 days of flowering time and can produce enough buds to sustain you for a time.

There are indeed a lot of choice to choose from a wide array of medical marijuana for depression. Even if marijuana use is still limited, there are countless studies that prove that it is a viable alternative to treat depression and other diseases.