What Does Marijuana Smell Like and How to Get Rid of It

Meta Description: If you are growing or using, one thing that will give you away is the smell. Find out what marijuana smells like and how to get rid of it here.

marijuana_smell_testNot all people is pleased to smell something that they are not very familiar with. For instance if you are growing marijuana in your home, your neighbors might be complaining about a smell that is quite different and not that pleasing. Smell is one of the factors that gives away a marijuana grower. Especially if the grower lives with nosy neighbors or even marijuana users nearby. They would definitely recognize that smell that they enjoy. For those who just knows marijuana as an herb and a drug, the smell of marijuana is foreign to them. So, what does marijuana smell like?

It depends…

The smell of marijuana would depend on many factors. One major factor is the strain. Each marijuana strain has their own distinct smell. Experienced marijuana growers and users are able to distinguish the different smells of each strain gives off. The age or maturity of the marijuana plant can also be a factor for its smell. Another would be the grow environment of your marijuana plant. If you have a healthy grow environment for your marijuana plant, it smells as it supposed to be. But if you don’t subject it the proper growing environment, it will not grow right and it may smell worse. The process of drying and curing your marijuana buds can also affect the smell of the final marijuana product that you distribute to the users. It is important that you keep it at ideal drying and curing conditions so that your marijuana buds will not smell and taste burnt herbs.

So, what does marijuana smell like?

There are different kinds of smells that marijuana strains have. You have earthy, citrus, rustic or sweet. And actually, there are a lot more different kinds of smell that marijuana give off. The smell of marijuana can also influence the taste of marijuana. This commonly happen to a lot of marijuana strains. There are strains, however, that has less odor compared to other strains. These are the strains that you want to grow with if you want to grow marijuana safely without attracting any attention from your neighbors or passers-by. Strains that does not have that much smell are Northern Lights, Durban Poison, Blue Mystic, Polar Express and Sharks Breath.

What causes the smell of marijuana?

There are certain kinds of compounds that is responsible for the smell of marijuana. These compounds are called terpenes. Terpenes are found in many types of trees, plants and flowers which is part of their essential oils. The presence of these compounds is the reason why many plants have a smell and as well as their taste. Terpenoids are also the reason why marijuana has a smell. These are compounds that are closely related to terpenes and are naturally found in many living things. Terpenoids created when terpenes are oxidized.

There are a number of factors that affects what does marijuana smell like. So, if you either want to smell more of your weed or don’t want to, you can manipulate and you now know what makes it smell and how it could possibly be changed.