5 Interesting Facts about Growing Marijuana

Growing marijuana is essential to get that best pot you have always been saving for parties and relaxation or as a medication. When you prepare the plant and try to make a hole for planting, it would often occur to you that there are things about growing cannabis that can be surprising. The thing is you are right about that. It is not known for some but growing marijuana does have lots of interesting facts and if you don’t know about that, here are 5 of the unknown facts and secrets that you might want to know.

It can be grown anywhere

For the record, pot can be planted anywhere given that you give the plant reciprocal attention. It is so flexible that it could even grow on the steepest place on earth.

For millions of years, marijuana has been grown by man

Archaeological finds have shown that marijuana has been sown and reaped by our ancestors. It has been dated that around 6,000 BC, the plant has been cultivated in Ancient China. For them, the plant is a food source, clothing and it is used for medicine. The medicinal part of the plant has stuck until now, that is.

Soil is not necessarily a requirement for growing

Marijuana is so flexible that it can even be grown on “aquaponics”. The method uses water sprayed to the root of the plant. The water is mixed with a variety of nutrients and the plant has to be suspended in water. So there you go! Even if you have no land, you can still grow on your own.

Human urine – a fertilizer that works!

Cannabis needs nitrogen to help it grow healthily. Urine provides the best nitrogen source ad well as potassium and phosphorus. However, you should dilute the urine in water and use them as fertilizer immediately to avoid ammonia to form.

Marijuana can be an Alzheimer’s disease combatant

In the event that you encounter a person who have Alzheimer’s problem, you could offer to have marijuana as treatment. There are now a lot of medical studies showing facts that marijuana can be used to treat the disease as shown due to its CBD and CBN content. This is great when the patient needs to get that temporary high it needs to rest.

The next time you grow your marijuana, it would be wonderful to remember how interesting the plant is.