Best Indoor Hydro Strains

Best Indoor Hydro Strains

When choosing the best indoor hydro strains to grow, all you have to remember is one single thing.

Every marijuana variety out there can flourish in hydroponic setups, no exceptions in terms of the strain you pick.

Thus, you simply need to look for marijuana varieties that match your taste and personal level of experience with cannabis cultivation.

Some cannabis strains are easier to grow than others.

Nevertheless, you also want to consider the effect you get after consumption and the overall potency you can achieve.

Below, we are listing the top 3 marijuana strains which will love your indoor hydro setup (tried and tested) J

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Bruce Banner

With the very mention of Bruce Banner strain, our expectations immediately hit the ceiling.

Or at least for those of us, who quickly relate this strain to the unforgettable HULK character.

A hybrid of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel, Bruce Banner is a berry-earthy-sweet treat.

THC levels are mind-blowing and can effortlessly reach up to 30% when introduced to hydroponic growing (the typical range is between 25-29% THC).

Although low, the CBD and CBN content also provides high therapeutic qualities to medicating with Bruce Banner.

The expected yields are anything between 300 and 500 grams per sq. m. on an average.

Apart from being a generous giver, Bruce Banner is highly resistant to both pests and diseases.

Flowering takes up to 10 weeks but with indoor hydro growing, it can easily finish within 8 weeks or less.

Perfect for treating anxiety and depression, and a great day smoke for the more experienced consumers (or those who want a strong kick of euphoria along with reliable pain relief properties).

Mind that Bruce Banner beauties can grow rather tall, though.

You need to consider this before planting them in your indoor grow space.

Simple training techniques will help tremendously to tame and nurture your Bruce Banner beauties.

Sour Diesel

A simply extraordinary strain, which boasts of both high THC and CBD content.

The story behind the birth of Sour Diesel still remains a mystery and is considered to be bred “by accident.”

Although typically better-suited for outdoor growing, Sour Diesel can do fair well when introduced to indoor hydro growing.

Not the best choice for beginners, though. Its wide stretch and height can make it hard to manage if you are just getting started.

Apart from that, Sour Diesel marijuana plants are willing to grow super vigorously and they are always extremely hungry.

That’s why they can literally thrive and flourish in an indoor hydro setup, with quality nutrients to give them a much-desired and well-tolerated boost.

You may have to wait for a good 10 weeks of flowering before you can lay your hands on the heavy yields (worth the waiting, though!).

A happy, creative, blissful, anti-fatigue and anti-depressant strain.

Blue Cheese

An amazingly potent combination of UK Cheese and Blueberry, this strain is definitely a beauty with an attitude.

The pungent cheesy aroma blends perfectly with the blueberry hints. The taste is truly a bliss for connoisseurs.

When introduced to hydroponic growing, Blue Cheese reaches the full potency of its savory deliciousness.

Moreover, the THC levels can easily hit more than the average 20% with indoor hydro Blue Cheese growing. CBD content is also above the average – 2%.

The yields are more than satisfying, with about 18 oz. per sq. ft.

Super easy to grow, and with a great beginner-friendly attitude, Blue Cheese is also highly resistant to diseases.

The high comes with a strong kick in and works wonders for pain and stress relief.

Flowering finishes in up to 9 weeks but with hydro setups, you can easily get your Blue Cheese ready to harvest within 7 weeks after the start of flowering.

Bonus Top Indoor Hydro Strain – Bubba Kush

With a one-of-a-kind, mesmerizingly relaxing yet dreamily euphoric high, Bubba Kush has been a long time favorite inspiration for us, cannabisseurs.

Excellent for stress, pain, and insomnia relief.

A hybrid, crossed by the notorious OG Kush and a still unknown second parent strain, the flowering stage is short and finishes within about 8 weeks.

THC content can hit 22% but CBD is present within a very low ratio – 0.06 to 0.01%.

The yields you can get will vary, starting from about 13 oz. per sq. m. to a good 16 oz. per sq. m.

Bubba Kush has a very distinct and exotic flavor, which develops into spicy-sweet-nutty-chocolate coffee hints.

That’s especially when introduced to indoor hydroponic setups when all the tender undertones in both taste and flavor fully envelop your entire being.

Bubba Kush plants are great if you are limited in terms of your indoor space size as they grow rather short and bushy.

Excellent for beginners but nonetheless favorite among experienced cannabis cultivators, Bubba Kush genetics have made way to multiple award-winning strains.

The Bottom Line

Growing hydroponically will amaze you with the extreme potency and flavor of those juicy, sparkling buds.

Personally, it took me as little as 2 marijuana growing hydro operations before I really discovered the unique taste and effects of hydroponic weed.

Ultimately, just remember that every strain can thrive when introduced to hydro setups.

As long as you take the time to do your research and see if the strain profile and growing demands will suit your needs and level of experience, you are sure to enjoy the process!

If you like this list of the top 3 best indoor hydro strains, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. Like and share bud buddies, and let’s spread the love for easy and successful cannabis cultivation.