Growing Weed in the Woods Tips

There are different ways to grow marijuana plants. You can cultivate weeds either indoor or outdoor in which each of these ways has both advantages and disadvantages. While many growers prefer to choose indoor growing, outdoor cultivation has remained to be popular since it has many advantages both on the side of the grower and in the weed plants themselves.

For countries that legalize the cultivation of marijuana, outdoor growing is not a problem. However, for those states which are still under the restriction of cannabis cultivation, growing weeds in the woods is the best way to cultivate your own marijuana plants. But before making any step, one must understand all the important things to do about guerrilla growing. In this way; you could able to prepare yourself for in order to execute your growing plan well. With this, you can try the recommended tips below as they were already practiced by many guerrilla growers.

What is guerrilla growing?

When talking about guerrilla growing, it is a way of cultivating weeds secretly. Commonly, this type of cultivation is done in the forest where the weed plants are difficult to identify.

Advantages and disadvantages of guerrilla growing

Just like any other ways of cultivating marijuana plants, growing in a guerrilla way has also advantages and disadvantages. These are actually part of the factors that you need to consider before even starting to grow weeds in the forest.


Growing weeds in the forest have a lesser chance of being caught. This is because marijuana grown in the forest is something like no personal owner. Once the authorities will find out the grown weeds, unless you are under surveillance or caught at the moment, the moment cannot get any idea who is actually growing it. Another advantage of this type of cultivation is to save money for the whole cultivation process. Growing marijuana is expensive; however, when you grow weeds in the forest, you don’t need to worry about the light source, the soil, water, and other growth factors since they are already available in the surrounding.


One of the biggest downsides of this type of cultivation is the fact that you cannot fully give your attention to your plant. Aside from that, the chance of losing your cultivated weeds is also higher. This is because you cannot stop the animals nor the people to take advantage of the plants once they caught it.

Tips in guerrilla growing

Though in the guerrilla growing, most needs of your plants are already in its surroundings, you must still do it right in order to make the whole cultivation process successful. With this, you need to understand the different tips shared by many growers on how to grow weeds in the forest successfully.

Choose the strain correctly

Autoflowering or photoperiod? This is the first question you must answer. Since guerrilla growing is a type of outdoor cultivation, you need to find a way how to sustain all the needs of your plant properly to let them grow.

Many guerrilla growers recommend the use of autoflower. This is because autoflowering cannabis is more advantageous compared the photoperiod. Consider the fact that autoflowering weeds are smaller plants, are able to fight sudden changes in the environment, and they will not depend on the number of hours in which they receive the sunlight.

Choose the best time to plant

Different places all over the world have also different seasons in each year. With this, in deciding the time to start the cultivation process, you must consider the climate and growing season in your area.

Choose the right spot

Though guerrilla growing is all about cultivation in the forest, you must always choose the right spot. This is to make sure that the place in which you are planning to grow your weeds is a perfect and suitable place for marijuana growing. So what are the most suitable place? In choosing the perfect spot, you may consider the following:

  • Do not choose a place where there are many passers-by
  • Make sure it has enough access to water
  • Check the quality of the soil
  • Check the spot if your weeds can access enough amount of sunlight

Consider the risk

In this matter, you need to consider the different risks or threats you cannabis may go through. These are the voracious animals who would love to eat up all your weeds. Since you are planning to grow weeds in the forest, you must consider the animals that commonly visit in that place.

On the other hand, you also need to consider another big threat for your weeds. This threat is the people who may happen to see your weeds and harvest it. Considering these threats will help you come up with a wise decision on how to protect your weeds from all these threats.

Guerrilla growing is an adventurous type of cultivating weeds. It is also one of the most effective ways of growing weeds which is why; many used to love the guerrilla way of cultivating marijuana.