Headband Marijuana Strain – Is it One of the Best Strains?

For people who are looking for ways to relax and remove the stress they have accumulated from their environment, this is one of the most recommended strains to take because it has a high level of euphoria, a higher level of relaxation, and an even higher level of happiness.

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Headband Strain Specifications

Type:  Hybrid, Sativa-Dominant
Flowering Period: On the average, 9 to 10 weeks
Climate: Indoors or Outdoors
Yield:   High
Stone:  Sativa high
THC Level:  From 20 to 27 percent
Height: 3.5 feet average
Grow Difficulty:  Moderate

Special Features of Headband

Headband is also known to bring out the creative juices out of the mind; hence, this is recommended for people who are in the arts.

It also gives an uplifting feeling once it has been smoked.

It is known to treat clinical depression.

If you are feeling any muscular pain and are experiencing frequent or mind-numbing headaches, you could intake this strain so that the discomfort will go away.

It could also help a person go to sleep; hence, it is an ideal thing to take for people who have insomnia.

It has three main flavors: earthy, pungent, and sweet. It also has a creamy, smooth smoke taste.

Growing Headband Tips

This is an ideal plant to grow if you have an excellent air circulation. If you cannot grow it outside, make sure that when you grow it indoors, the room has excellent ventilation. You could also clear the branches by trimming and pruning in order to improve the circulation. It grows best in places wherein the temperature ranges from 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit or from 20 to 27 degree Celsius. Moreover, having a 50 percent humidity improves the yield of the plants.