Marijuana Harvesting: Techniques and Right Time to Harvest

how to grow weedFor any marijuana grower, the time of harvest is the most exciting part and an ultimate victory because this is now the time of harvesting the fruit of labor. As a grower, you have the option to harvest one bud at a time or you might want to harvest them all at once. Please note that before harvesting, you need to flush the chemicals that may be present. Stop feeding your plants with nutrients/fertilizers 1 to 2 weeks before you begin to harvest the buds.

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How to Harvest Weed Buds?

Harvesting marijuana buds is simply done by just pulling out the plants by the roots. For those who are growing weed indoors, the process of harvesting cannabis involves only simple techniques. The marijuana plants to be harvested are uprooted from their growing medium. Once you are done uprooting the plants, you can simply hang them upside down in another room intended for drying or you can just hang them in the room where they were grown.

For outdoor growers, they just usually pull up their weed plants by the roots and make sure that they are free from any soil or dirt. During harvest, see to it that you do no cause any pressure on the buds. In making cuttings, you can leave the stems so hanging them for drying would be much easier. Use sharp scissors to create even cuttings.

When to Harvest?

You will know that buds are ready for harvesting when pistils will change their color from milky white to amber, dark brown or reddish brown. The right time of harvest will actually depend on the grower’s preference. To know when to harvest, carefully observe your marijuana plants and look for any signs of peak THC content. When 50% of the pistils will show changes in color, that’s a sign that buds are already mature and ready to harvest. If you want to harvest buds with high potency, do it earlier because waiting for all the buds to change color will not give you THC at its highest peak.

The Drying and Curing Process

After harvesting all mature buds, it is now time to let them dry. The drying time of the buds will vary with their sizes and the temperature of the room. Smaller buds can only take one week to completely dry while larger buds may take at least 2 weeks up to 3 to dry completely. With stems on, hang the buds upside down to dry by using a string or clothesline. Do not position the buds too near each other to avoid overcrowding. Leave enough space in between the buds. To speed up the drying process, you can set up a dehumidifier and fan inside the room.

After drying the buds, make sure that moisture is removed by curing. The curing process will give you buds that are smooth and great-tasting. Once the buds are already properly dried, put them in a suitable container. See to it that the container contains no moisture to prevent mold growth. You can leave the buds longer in the container until they reach their full potency.