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Vaporizers are known to be one of the most modern and safest ways to use marijuana. We published a blog post “Difference Between Smoking and Vaporizing Marijuana Explained” to give you an idea why vaporizing is the safest way to go. It can only release clean smoke that’s made of pure cannabis and not from other substances. This will surely guarantee you a nice puffing experience that will make you feel very comfortable and relaxed as you take some weed with this amazing cannabis product. These vaporizers also come in various shapes and sizes; so expect that the results of your vaporizer will vary greatly.

Here’s a video that compares Smoking and Vaping Marijuana:

Three Categories of Vaporizers

Currently,  there are three types or categories of marijuana vaporizers. Bag, whip, and glass on glass styles.

Bag Style

bag style vaporizer

Some vaporizers have bags or balloons attached to them which you can fill up by way of a built-in fan. This is a very convenient option since the bag is detachable and you can carry it around the room, even pass it to the next smoker.

Whip Style

whip style vaporizer

Whip refers to the tubing connected to the vaporizer’s mouthpiece. This type of vaporizer is controllable; you only have to vape when you want by taking draws – a feature which other vaporizers don’t have. However, you really need to be right next to the device since it is too troublesome to carry around.

Glass on Glass

glass on glass vaporizer

Glass on glass are high quality vaporizers that have slides instead of the usual rubber stops. The glass used in this vaporizer is also thicker. With the absence of rubber, air leaks are prohibited, making sure that the smoker only takes in the purest vapor.

They have their own advantages and disadvantages. Your experience depends on the quality of the vape.

Bag style can be slow to fill if you are using another vaporizer except for the Zephyr Ion and the Volcano but most people prefer bag style in comparison with the whip style. Aside from that, bags are also much more comfortable to carry around without you worrying about wasted buds.

Whips are limited to one person inhaling at a time. It is not that portable at all, it can heat up and can be uncomfortable but these depend on the kind of whip vaporizer you have. Compared to bags, whips have a bit of learning curve for the user. It might allow you to burn your buds if you’re not careful during your first times.

The glass on glass, on the other hand, is a new version of vape which is for sure getting popularity now. It can be connected to a glass bong. A couple of vapes can actually do this by using modifications or extensions. There are not many vapes that can do this though.

Below is a list of the top 5 for whip and bag styles. Glass on glass vapes aren’t included because just like I said, there are not many vapes that can do it as of this time of writing. In future, this page will be edited to add the top glass on glass vapes.

Top 5 Bag Style Vaporizers

  1. Volcano


This top tier vaporizer is known to be one of the best devices that you can ever try because of its world-renowned quality that most experienced smokers tend to use with ease. This type of vaporizer really does look like a volcano because of its cone appearance. This type of vaporizer comes with two models: digital and classic. The digital version has a temperature system that looks like a digital clock. The classic version is used with a knob that can make you customize your degrees more effectively than the digital. Due to having two versions, and the perfect accuracy of this device, Volcano became number 1 in rankings for the best weed vapes.

  1. Zephyr Ion

zypher ion vaporizer

This amazing weed vape is known to be made for the sake of perfect design and functionality. This is a powerful herbal vape that has a quiet mechanism with digital settings that will heat up the weed and will release smoke that’s as perfect as aromatherapy. This ensures that there will be no harmful elements from the smoke, and it will only be pure THC goodness that’s released into the air. This is known to be a top ranked because of its effectiveness and accurate heating in a faster way than the rest of the weed vapes.

  1. Extreme Q

Extreme Q4 Bag

This type of vaporizer for marijuana is known to be one of a kind. It’s a tabletop type of vaporizer that has high-quality materials and mechanism in order to fully optimize smoking marijuana. The mechanisms of this vape have special functions that can be used by both beginners and experts in smoking, plus you also get the option to install a bag on the vape. This is one of a kind because of its modern mechanisms that are far more accurate than what the digital version can provide, plus the model looks so modern and cool.

  1. VapirRise Vaporizer

VapirRise Vaporizer

This type of vape is known to be one of the best for home usage. The base is connected to a long tube that can be used by groups and is easy to pass as well. Just input your desired settings in heating up and fanning the weed, and let the smoke flow through the tube until it gets to your mouth. This will surely make you feel satisfied, and you can do it while laying down as well.

  1. Vaporfection Vaporizer

Vaporfection Vaporizer

A product that came from a brand of trusted weed vapes, this vaporizer is known to be excellent for those who might want to smoke in a very comfortable way. This assures that clean herbal smoke will come out of the machine as you use this powerful vaporizer, and it has amazing settings that can let you adjust the amount of smoke that you can use. The high tech settings of this machine made it recognizable along with the shape that made it look like a power bank.

Top 5 Whip-Style Vaporizers

  1. Plenty Vaporizer

Plenty Vaporizer

This one of a kind vape is known to be a very convenient one for home usage because of the long tube that’s connected to the device. The fancy appearance of the vape is perfect for parties because it looks just like a random kid’s toy. This has a meter that’s perfect for measuring the temperature of the vape as you use it. Rest assured that you can also get lots of smoke as you use this vape, but its fancy appearance might make it noticeable from the public if used outside.

  1. Silver Surfer Vaporizer

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

This type of marijuana vaporizer is a strong vapor producing device that will assure you a consistent smoke that will just make you high. This is very easy to use, and it has adjustments that will make smoking at varied levels thanks to the capability of the device to alter heat for smoking. The appearance of the device makes the positions of the weed perfect for heating up all of the THC-rich goodness inside.

  1. Da Buddha

Da Buddha Vaporizer

This is one of a kind vape that you should try especially if you want to save money. This device is known to be made of ceramic for the heating mechanism that made the vape very durable. Action motion is the main feature of this vaporizer because it makes more smoke especially for those who want to have more smoke to puff.

  1. Extreme Q4 (Whip Mode)

Extreme Q vaporizer

Aside from the function for installing bags, this one is known to be amazing when used whip style as well. Many people see this as one of the best types of vaporizers that you can experience, and it has been featured on many websites that sell pot and other weed products. Rest assured that you will be able to do many kinds of weed smoking with this very versatile machine.

5. Vaporfection Vivape


Another fine product of one of the most trusted brands of weed products, this type of device is known to be a very fine invention indeed thanks to its appearance that looks like a power bank. Expect more power as this one can release smoke in a faster way than ever. The settings of this device are also known to be high end, and it assures accuracy on its settings that can release pure THC-rich smoke for you to whip out.

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