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How to Grow Weed: Knowing the Required Temperature, Water and CO2

Weed indoor growing offers several advantages. Better yield and early harvest of buds are among the top benefits that growers can have when growing indoors. By cultivating weed in an indoor garden, the growing environment can be controlled according to the conditions needed to grow healthy and fast-growing weed plants. Just follow the ideal temperature, […]

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Marijuana Harvesting: Techniques and Right Time to Harvest

For any marijuana grower, the time of harvest is the most exciting part and an ultimate victory because this is now the time of harvesting the fruit of labor. As a grower, you have the option to harvest one bud at a time or you might want to harvest them all at once. Please note […]

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Weed Harvesting and Drying

Knowing how to grow weed won’t be complete without learning when to harvest marijuana where you can obtain buds with good quality and high potency. The best way of knowing that your weed plants are ready to harvest is to closely check on the trichomes using a magnifying glass. After harvest, dry the buds properly […]

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