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Grow Marijuana Indoors using Sea of Green Method

Sea of Green is a method of growing cannabis indoors for fast production of buds. This type of method involves growing several small weed plants that mature faster. The plants are forced into the flowering period after 2 weeks of the vegetative stage, so harvesting of buds can be done weeks earlier than allowing the […]

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Transferring Marijuana Seedlings

After the marijuana seeds have already sprouted and they have grown into a few inches tall, you will need to transfer the marijuana seedlings into their new containers to allow proper vegetative growth. It is time to prepare your growing medium as soon as the young marijuana plants have already established a stronger root system. […]

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Growing Marijuana in Grow Boxes

Growing weed indoors offers many advantages because you can take control of the environment and make it ideal for growing weed plants that are healthy and fast growing. There are several risks associated in cultivating marijuana outdoors and for that reason, many have decided to grow weed in an indoor garden where almost all aspects […]

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