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Defoliation 101 – Guide On Heavy Defoliation During Flowering Stage

heavy defoliation during flowering

Marijuana defoliation is a process that removes the leaves from marijuana plants. Also known as lollipopping, marijuana defoliation is used as a process to improve the indoor yielding capability of marijuana plants.  For this post, let’s talk about the benefits and methods to achieve heavy defoliation during flowering, to provide you more information about the […]

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Monster Cropping Cannabis Plants: A Simple Guide

monster cropping

Are you a cannabis grower or an aspiring cannabis grower? Do you feel like you should know some methods to use in your marijuana plants? Are you aiming for getting harvests that are continuous without the mother’s marijuana plant? Well, you are in the right article.  In this article, you will learn more about monster […]

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Know More About The Cannabis First Signs of Flowering Stage

first signs of flowering stage

Like every other living thing, cannabis plants go through a series of stages in their life cycle. As a cannabis grower, it is important to understand the changes the plant undergoes during each stage. Different phases call for different requirements in light, water, and nutrients. This article will focus on the plant’s last phase of […]

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