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Guide on Choosing the Best Marijuana Grow Lights


Growing in an indoor environment comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages; just the same as with growing outdoors. Typical marijuana strains are ideal for indoor marijuana growing due to their wide and short plant growth as compared to the tall and thin growth of common sativa strains. When preparing a home growing […]

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The Best Lights to Grow Marijuana

There is one limitation that growing indoors, light. That is why the right light source that you use for indoor marijuana plant growth should be chosen. Read on to find out more. In order to keep your marijuana plants from getting caught, you might think of growing indoors. There is much to consider when doing […]

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Marijuana LED Grow Light System

Light emitting diode or commonly known as LED is said to be an excellent grow light system for many reasons. The use of LED to grow cannabis is increasingly growing in popularity because of its great efficiency. Many growers claim to have high success in using LED to grow cannabis indoors while others said that […]

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