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Indoor Marijuana Lighting- MH and HPS

To get the biggest possible yield of high-quality marijuana buds is not just simply knowing the basics and advanced methods of how to grow weed. Various factors are to be considered such as water supply, humidity level, temperature, and lighting system. One of the most common types of artificial lights used for indoor pot growing […]

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Starter Grow Lights for Indoor Marijuana Growing

An artificial type of lighting is needed to grow marijuana indoors since the sunlight is absent. As an indoor grower, there are more things you need to know aside from knowing the basics of how to grow marijuana to get the biggest yield possible for that strain. Know the best technique on how to grow […]

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Choosing the Best Indoor Grow Lights for Marijuana

How to grow cannabis outdoors is said to be easier and inexpensive compared to growing marijuana indoors because the light is sourced from the sun. However, many growers have claimed that indoor pot growing brings more advantages. Cannabis is just like other plants that need light in order to grow. Since sunlight is absent indoors, […]

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