Controlling Marijuana Odor in the Grow Room

Controlling the odor of marijuana within the grow room is necessary if you don’t want neighbors to get suspicious. The pungent smell of cannabis is easily recognized, so make a move to neutralize or eliminate the odor of weed to avoid exposing your growing activity and getting into trouble. In how to grow marijuana indoors, it will let you invest in some equipment and an odor control system is one. Do not let your money, time and effort go wasted just because your cannabis garden is found. Flowering weed plants give a strong odor, depending on the strain. Protect your plants and maintain the privacy of your grow room by spending an extra money in buying or setting up a good odor control system. Aside from knowing the different techniques on how to grow weed, know the various products and systems that will help eliminate strong cannabis smell.


ona-gel-01Some growers are using scented candles, sprays, glade plugins, incense and perfumes to mask the smell of marijuana but most of these products last only for a few hours to days. If the strain grown gives that strong aroma, handy deodorants like Ona gel are more effective. Depending on the size of the Ona product being used and factors such as humidity and temperature, the effect can last from 4 to 6 weeks. Using 1 or 2 of these and placing them outside of a small growing area with only a few plants are effective in masking the marijuana smell.

Ozone generators

ozone-generator-OA200NThese new devices are added to the grow room to neutralize smell, remove odor and clean the air while killing mildew and molds. An ozone generator acts by creating an ozone to oxidize the bad odor. Though effective in neutralizing odor, the use of this device is found to be harmful to the environment and to human’s health. Exposure to high levels will irritate the lungs, so it is not safe to use in occupied spaces. However, some cannabis growers claim to have a safer way of using the Ozone generator in their grow room. It won’t hurt your health if the ozone only goes into the exhaust. Venting ozone out of the house will avoid damage to the lungs.

Negative ion generators

solar-powered-negative-ion-generatorThese work by pumping negative ions into the air that attach themselves to positive ions, which results in the cutting down of marijuana odor in the grow room. Although there is not enough evidence to support the claim, the use of negative ion generator is not just effective in neutralizing odor but also, it can hasten the growth rate of the cannabis plants and increase yield.

Activated Carbon Filters

Activated_Carbon_Filter_CartridgeThese are designed to absorb odor molecules from the air. It is probably the most effective odor control system to use in a marijuana grow area. An activated carbon within the can filter can remove 99% of the odor. It is highly effective, easy to maintain and can last longer. This can be set up as a part of your exhaust system. It will keep the humidity level in the grow room below 60% and as the hot air in the room is exhausted away from the plants, the carbon filter will also eliminate the strong marijuana odor from the air, then going out.

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