How to Top a Marijuana Plant

How to Top a Marijuana Plant

Topping your green beauties will make a huge difference in the outcomes after harvesting.

Fortunately, learning how to top a marijuana plant doesn’t require you to be a super experienced grower.

The technique is pretty simple to apply and all you have to do is follow the steps correctly as to avoid stressing your green babies.

Keep reading and you will be well-prepared for indulging in multiple fantastic buds after topping your cannabis plants properly!

The Advantages of Topping your Cannabis Plants

In order to top a marijuana plant, you need to remove the growing tip, which results in splitting the main kola into two parts.

As a result, you will get two branches instead of one, growing multiple juicy buds, as opposed to only a few in the case you do not top your green goddesses.

Thus, topping allows you to grow numerous heads by continually topping the new growing tips and splitting them from two to four, four to six, and so on.

But the benefits of topping do not end with growing more buds; when you top your plants, you will help to promote the healthy growth of the branches, which are located lower than the main ones.

Nevertheless, topping is a great way to control the growth of your plants, turning them from tall and weak to bushy and sturdy.

If you happen to grow your green medication in a small growing space, knowing how to top your plants will guarantee a more equal and sufficient transfer of the light.

Subsequently, you will get those succulent, juicy buds, full of potency and flavor thanks to the excellent access to light.

How to Top a Marijuana Plant in X Simple Steps

As we briefly mentioned above, topping your cannabis plants is an easy-peasy task, as long as you are serious and focused on what you are doing!

Do not approach topping absent-mindedly because one wrong move can turn into irreversible damage to your future crops.

But then again, there’s no need to feel stressed out! Now take a deep breath and let’s get this party started!

2.1 Select the Stem

You will need to monitor your green beauties on a regular basis so that once the tip of your plant is ready to be topped, you will also be ready to act.

Do not top sick or seemingly undeveloped marijuana plants, as this won’t do you any good.

Choose healthy, strong stems and simply look for the stems, which are situated just below the growing tip.

2.2 Use the Right Tools

Some marijuana growers call topping “pinching” since many are opting for simply pinching the growing tip right between the thumb and the forefinger.

However, doing so is a bit hazardous, as you cannot make a really clean cut.

For best results, choose sterilized scissors to avoid causing any damage to your fragile plants.

2.3 Be Patient and Precise

Even though topping happens in the blink of an eye, you need to remain calm and focused to prevent hurting your plants.

A tiny inch deeper with cutting, and you can end up disappointed. So take a deep breath and cut precisely.

The cut must be made just below the internode.

When is the Right Time to Top your Weed Plants VS. the Wrong Time for Topping

Once you notice 4 nodes on your marijuana plants, then this is a good indicator that your green beauties are ready for topping.

However, it is also crucial to remember that waiting a bit longer to top your plant, which means not topping it before you can see at least 6 nodes, will help your precious babies to recover much faster.

Nevertheless, if you have chosen seed of high-quality, possessing strong genetics, you are less likely to experience a long recovery period after topping.

Just remember that the more nodes, the bigger the photosynthesis area of your plants.

And the bigger the photosynthesis area, the easier will your plants get all the right nutrients flowing properly to ensure their fast and efficient recovery.

You can continue topping your marijuana plants as the new nodes develop and thus, turn your marijuana garden into a beautiful canopy of green.

Above all, forget about topping your plants once the flowering stage has begun.

After entering the 12/12 hours light-darkness period, you must be quite positive that if you top your green beauties, you will slow down their development, and especially the development of the notorious buds we are all waiting for!

Even if you are growing your weed from an auto-flowering seed, the rule for topping only during the vegetative stage remains intact.

After you top your weed plants, they always need a period of recovery, when they concentrate their entire energy into the new nodes.

But when it comes to the flowering stage, scattering the energy of your plants for recovering the recently topped spots will cause poor yields since your green goddesses won’t be able to focus on nurturing the buds.