Can you Smoke Male Weed Plants

Can you Smoke Male Weed Plants

If you are looking for a straightforward answer on can you smoke male weed plants, then sorry to disappoint you but this is not the type of question, which fits in the simple YES or NO list.

On the one hand, it is absolutely possible to smoke male marijuana plants.

Will you get high? Yes, you will. But is this high worth it? Most probably, No.

If you are wondering why it might not be the best idea to smoke male cannabis plants since they are smokable after all, keep up reading to find out more!

The Differences between a Female and a Male Cannabis Plant

As a rule of thumbs, both male and female marijuana plants do produce THC.

The major difference is that, however, the male counterparts will produce a much lower quantity of THC since this is not their primary function.

In nature, male weed plants will serve the purpose of pollinating females to produce a strong and healthy line of quality marijuana seeds.

Thus, the development of male plants is not focused on nurturing the buds but on nurturing the pollen, which is situated in the pollen sacks of male cannabis plants organs.

As opposed to that, female marijuana plants are solely focused on producing juicy, sticky buds, in the case they do not get pollinated.

Still, males will produce THC within a different ratio, depending on the strain, genetics, as well as growing conditions.

Subsequently, throwing away male plants is definitely not your best move!

Pros & Cons of Smoking your Male Weed Plants

Now that we have figured out male marijuana plants’ ability to produce THC, it is time to address the most important question – can you smoke male weed plants, after all?

In the case you choose to smoke your male green beauties, then there is nothing particularly wrong with doing so.

Some users report very satisfying results even after consuming males, as opposed to females.

However, it is good to know that you cannot expect the same effect of high as with female marijuana plants.

The effect, produced by males is much weaker, you will need to smoke much more to experience it, and nevertheless, there is an increased chance of ending with a bad headache.

On another note, with the rise of weed allergies, it is utterly essential to cure and dry your male buds with extreme precision or otherwise you might just expose yourself to exuberating allergy symptoms, mainly caused by the pollen or/and possible mold in some cases.

The choice of whether to smoke your males or not is entirely yours, and trying won’t hurt.

Once you have dried and cured your buds, simply wrap and spark a joint to test it. If you are satisfied with the results after consumption, then good for you!

In the case, you are not (and there is a huge probability you end up a little disappointed) – cheers up because there are better ways to utilize male marijuana plants and get the most of the high!

If you find the effect lacking behind in potency but not causing you any form of a headache, then you can simply use the dried male buds as an addition to your regular joints, instead of tobacco.

Best Ways to Use Male Marijuana Plants

While smoking your male green beauties is arguable and the effect is considered dissatisfying in most cases, you can still enjoy your green medication by preparing some simple homemade extracts.

What’s more, extracting the active cannabinoids of your male marijuana plants will concentrate their power and thus, you will have a versatile concoction to implement in various recipes.

Male marijuana plants can serve for creating your very own cannabutter. For this purpose, you won’t need any special skills or equipment.

All you have to do is collect the most resinous parts of the males and mix them with an equal part of oil of your choice. Olive Oil and Coconut Oil are among the top recommendations for making cannabutter.

Start by turning the heat to medium and watch for the oil start sizzling before you throw in the greens.

Next, you need to switch to low heat and leave the mixture for about 40 minutes until the active cannabinoids are dissolved in the oil.

Make sure you mix the concoction well and never leave it to boil as this may reduce the THC potency instead of maximizing it.

You want to sustain a low, controlled heat and watch out for any bubbles starting to form. Just keep stirring the mix and keep a close eye on it, and you will be alright to master the cannabutter recipe!

Once the mix is done, you will need to strain the weed particles until you are left only with the cannabinoids-rich butter, which is best to store in the fridge afterward.

Don’t forget to track the quantity of weed you have used for creating your cannabutter, as this will help you calculate the most suitable dosage to implement into your edibles.

If, for example, you have used 1 gram of weed to mix with 1 gram of oil, then it is best to consider the potency of your cannabutter as an equivalent of consuming 1 gram of cannabis.

Subsequently, this quantity of cannabutter will be more than enough for producing a solid batch of marijuana-infused brownies or any other edibles of your choice.

And bearing in mind that the high after edibles consumption is much stronger and longer-lasting than smoking the herb, you can end up with more than 4 perfectly-balanced dosages to munch on whenever you feel the need to unwind and relax, as well as to share with friends!

After all, a friend with weed is a friend indeed, and male marijuana plants can do a brilliant job for the purpose of not wasting even the slightest bit of your crops!