Outdoor Marijuana Strains Guide – What to Grow Outdoors

Outdoor Marijuana Strains Guide – What to Grow Outdoors

Ah, the beauty and pleasure of growing cannabis outdoors!

Despite the fact that you are not the one in control of outside-growing marijuana plants, Mother Nature can surprise you with her loving heart.

Before you start dedicating efforts and time, though, the first step is to get acquainted with the specifics of the strain you are about to plant for best success upon harvesting and during the entire process of growing.

Below, we have compiled a reliable outdoor marijuana strains guide to help you out, cannabuddies!

How to Choose Which Strains to Grow Outside?

For a start, we are all so different; living in different climate zones and utilizing different growing styles.

The soils in one part of the planet have little to do with the soils in other parts of the world.

Thus, there can’t be just one single ultimate guide on the best marijuana strains to grow outside which will suit us all equally well.

But there are some pretty important rules to help you choose the most appropriate strain for the climate in your home country.

Here is what you need to know in order to pick the most suitable cannabis seeds to grow outdoors in your climate zone.

A Short Guide to Indica Cannabis Plants for Outdoor Growing

Indica varieties are characterized with full body experience which is distinct and often not deprived of the couch-locked effect.

Treasured for their high medical properties for treating all kinds of pain, Indica marijuana strains are a preferred choice to ultimately chill out in a cozy evening ina comfortable environment.

Carrying their genetics from landrace marijuana varieties, grown in high mountain chains, Indica cannabis plants will not thrive in a way too hot and long summer season.

That makes Indicas great if you happen to live in a region, where summer is short and temperatures tend to fall low at night. Indicas are sturdy and resistant to cold.

Most of them are also known as early finishers, so you can prepare for harvest in about 52-60 days.

A Quick Guide to Sativa Cannabis Plants for Outside Growing

Sativa marijuana varieties are characterized with more of an energizing and daytime stimulating-to-use effects.

However, that doesn’t mean Sativas are deprived of essential medical properties and some do decently well to relieve pain.

Anyway, it is for expanding creativeness and treating stress, fatigue, and depression which are among the best traits of Sativa cannabis varieties.

When grown outside, it is none other but Sativa plants which can amaze you and make you proud with their gigantic size.

Some are really impressive in height (and yields, of course!). Sativa cannabeauties will flourish under the generous sun and they are very resistant to hot temperatures.

For example, the climate in Australia is fantastic for Sativa cannabis specimens cultivation. But if you don’t get consistent sunlight or the nights are dominantly cold in your climate zone, planting a Sativa seed would not be your best choice.

Brief Introduction to Hybrid Marijuana Strains for Cultivation Outdoors

Just like the name suggests, hybrids combine mixed traits between Indica and Sativa genetics.

Thus, the effects are mesmerizingly fused and transmuted among pain relief, anxiety treatment, creative boost, stimulation of socialization, one-of-a-kind laid-back relaxation, and so on.

Most hybrids will simply disregard fluctuations in their growing environment.

As long as you are consistent with your care and choose a hybrid which is able to finish flourishing before the temps with you fall too low, then you can grow some stunning hybrids literally anywhere.

A little bit of research goes a long way.

Autoflowering Marijuana Strains: the Suit-Them-All Superstars

Autoflowering cannabis varieties carry the incredible genetics of Cannabis Ruderalis; Cannabis Ruderalis is very high in CBD and although naturally low-yielding, when experts combine its genetics with these of hybrids/Sativas/Indicas, you get the legendary early finishing autoflowering strains.

Autos are sturdy, resistant, don’t need to switch in the 12/12 photoperiod to trigger flowering and grow compact in size.

They are also not that picky about the conditions of the surrounding environment and can stand some fluctuations and disruptions pretty bravely.

Below, you can find a list of some of the top strains which cannabis connoisseurs and experts all over the globe recommend for outdoor growing operations.

These are all cult-classics, so you can also check if you find their genetics in any of some of the modern-day strains available on the market.

Amnesia Haze

Potent but still mellow high and decent yields if you are dedicated to spending some attention on Amnesia Haze beauties.

They would thrive in climate conditions, similar to those of the state of Texas, for example; with long summer days, warm weather and high humidity.


Blueberries are some of the tastiest strains and you every marijuana aficionado would fall inlove with the beautifully-hued plants and the sparkling buds.

Climate zones, similar to that of Greece, Spain, Florida, and Italy are great to nurture the needs of Blueberry strains.

Not great for regions with long summers (anything more than 2 months).

OG Kush

If you happen to live in a colder region, then OG Kush genetics will be a great shot for you.

Kush varieties are pretty tolerant to colder weather and will not blame for the lack of hot, sunny hours.

For example, countries like Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, among others, will have an amazing rate of success with growing OG Kush.

Quick Pro Tip

When choosing the strains to grow outdoors which will give you most rewards with deliciousness, potency, and yields, check the genetic profile of cannabis seeds.

Do they carry tropical genetics or maybe landrace ones? This can help you gain a better idea of what is the native climate they would typically thrive in and is it similar to yours.

Hope you find this big-hearted outdoor marijuana strains guide useful, bud-buddies! Don’t forget to like and share the positive vibes!