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Why You Should Grow Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

Autoflowering cannabis plants are one type of marijuana that are made to grow flowers faster than the regular marijuana seed. The flowering stage of this seed occurs earlier than expected from the normal growth cycle of a marijuana plant. Compared to other marijuana seeds, auto-flowering marijuana seeds can grow with the minimum amount of light […]

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The Best Lights to Grow Weed Indoors

In order to keep your marijuana plants from getting caught, you might think of growing indoors. Growing indoors has limitations especially on some nutrients such as a light source. That is why choosing the right light source to supply the right amount of intensity and light to your marijuana plants is important. It can be […]

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Marijuana Grow Guide – Best Marijuana Grow Book

Are you a beginner in growing marijuana? Well, if you are then you still need to educate yourself on how to do marijuana growing properly. You might think that this is easy. But in fact, there is so much to learn. Growing marijuana entails risk because of many factors which includes the law and the […]

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